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Does my dog have psychic powers?

Uh, this may be a little bit weird of a question. But my dog is like my own personal period calendar, the day before my period he always attacks me! (but not bad, just runs into me and knocks me over, hes a lab! haha). Is this just a coincidence or is he psychic? This has happened ever since I got my first period which was 2 years ago, he’s never wrong! It’s a miracle! Unfortunately, that’s the only intelligent thing he does, he is kind of dumb hehe.
My dog shoves his nose at my pants too! It’s awkward, but I’m glad that it’s not just me that’s noticed this haha


  1. maybe your dog can smell it. you know, our smell changed when our period is coming. I don’t mean a bad smell either.

  2. Ooh ooh me too!!!!!! My doggie can tell when i have my period cuz she starts shovin her nose at my pants!!! I think dogs can smell blood, thats why.

  3. dogs have some strange 6th (and 7th and 8th and 9th, etc) senses but they are not psycic. thers’ no such thing as a psycic dog…somehow your dog can sense it ( smell, mood, etc) that’s pretty handy though.

  4. Animals are ‘psychic’ (use their 6th sense) thats mainly how they communicate.
    About your dog detecting your period, all animals know when a female is in ‘heat’ lol mainly males though, thats why they jump you.


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