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Does mental telepathy exist?

is it possible to have mental telepathy with your ex? lol i knw it sounds weird but somehow i FEEL when he is missing me. .and the next day he will call or come by. .ive had dreams of him with another woman and woke up just knowing he was with someone. now i want to know why this happens only with him and no one else? ive never experienced anything like this before and yes i know it sounds stupid


  1. Yes i think your totally right i get the same feelings with a good friend of mine i think there some hidden sense in the brain that you may be able to harness iv sat there before and actually had a feeling im going to get a call and it happens or therell be a knock at the door it is quite odd .

  2. It certainly doesn’t exist naturally. It may be possible to produce something describable as telepathy through the use of wireless technology though.
    What you’re talking about sounds more like paranoia. Try to look at it more rationally, as well as looking at getting over your ex.

  3. It doesn’t sound stupid to me at all and I consider it to be a very real phenomenon. My best friend and I have communicated telepathically for years. We can actually hear pertinent conversations or thoughts, word for word. It is as though he is talking in my mind and we have confirmed these happenings after the fact in face to face conversations. The messages have always been important and thus explains why the information was transferred telepathically. It’s as if the two of us are on the same wave length. Aside from him there have been quite a few instances I can recall of hearing the thoughts or words of others, but don’t know if they linked with me in the same way. They were mostly random and some of the messages may have come from the spirit world.
    On a side note, it would seem you have a special connection with your “ex” and I wonder why the two of you are not together. It seems that sometimes there is a reason for a close tie that is not bound in marriage. My best friend is male and I am female, although I am married to someone else. We once had a romantic relationship but more importantly we are friends forever. Blessings to the both of you.


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