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Does Meditation make you less competitive?

Does a practice in meditation makes someone less competitive? I mean i’m in business and it is somewhere where being competitive really pays. recently i have thoughts of practicing meditation but concerned if meditation makes someone more contentended and thus less competitive.


  1. Practicing meditation can also help you in terms of your career as well.
    In this case, it would help you improve your competitive edge, although you might find ways to mask it with a more sociable presentable appearance. In the end, it will give you a sharper lifestyle flow with.
    Meditation, in a nutshell, is a way to give yourself a clearer perspective of your situation and anything to follow. It doesn’t have to be an experience that takes away from your lifestyle unless you want it to.

  2. You might not be so competitive if you meditate, but you will gain other skills. People tend to practice meditation if they want to make a positive change to their lives. If you don’t actually want to change then you won’t get anywhere with meditation anyway.

  3. depends on what are you planning to get from meditation.
    If you use it to avoid stressing over things, it will make you less competitive.
    If you use it to recharge before taking on the next task, you will become more productive.

  4. It makes you more aware of your actions and most peoples actions are made by their unconscious ego and as such a big ego would be very useful for you in your job. I am not a christan but I think Jesus said to the money lender you cannot worship too god’s .


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