Home Discussion Forum Does Mccain use a crystal ball to make predictions for 2013?

Does Mccain use a crystal ball to make predictions for 2013?

He made so many predictions for 2013 (promising nothing short of wonderland, milk and honey…
Nostradamus (and Santa Claus) have nothing on him.


  1. I don’t know what he uses, but can you imagine the US spending a trillion dollars for another 15 years. The muslims have us spending ourselves to death.

  2. Even several of the GOP pundits thought that was a blunder on his part.
    Notice he didn’t say 2012, it would be 2013 after a re-election.

  3. It seems to me that by stating 2013, McCain is making a case for a four-year term for those who are scared because of his age.
    (I don’t trust it.)

  4. Hope it’s not the same CRYSTAL BALL that Rumsfeld used.
    I once had faith in these men…..they lost my confidence a few years ago.
    Bush may be a war president—-but he can’t fight a war.

  5. He is making an educated guess. Much like Obama saying he will be able to bring the troops home in his first 100 days without having Iraq slip into civil war or come under the influence of Iran.

  6. don’t be a hater….at least he has offering a plan…instead of just quitting and walking away….and please don’t bring up promises…that is all the democrats have “hope and change” B.S


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