Does masterbating affect kundalini?

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I am practicing kundalini yoga.But I cannot control my feelings(masterbating).What is the affect of masterbating in kundalini.Is it harmful for a kundaliniyogi to masterbate.I don’t dare to ask this question to my guru.

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great gig in the sky

It is simple grasshopper. No touching during yoga.


Ask the guru, it is only appropriate.
Yes, masturbation does have an effect. Look up “Karezza,” and you will learn more.
Also, shame is an obstacle, and a false yoke.


Opening of kundalini requires a lot of internal energy and rich diet full of protein.
Any way of wasting energy is obviously not recommended.
Rising of Kundalini does not happen by Yoga (exercises).
This happens only by grace of God.

edward d

no-masturbation will not harm your sacrum

Dr pushpinder k

I think, you should talk to your guru.
Though masturbation is unnecessary wastage of energy on the way of the yoga,
but there are few tantrik techniques that can utilise sexual feelings in a positive manner.


Masterbating 21 times a month, is good for prostrate. Less chance of getting prostrate cancer—according to science.


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