Does magick work? If it does, why isn't everybody using it to achieve their goals?

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free spirit

cause people are lazy….it takes a lot of mind control to do magic…

Duo Seeker

Magic does work, but there are always unknown consequences and they can be very tangled and dangerous and ruinous. That is why everybody does not use it. Those Twilight Zone episodes of people getting three wishes and it always ending up very badly for them were not far off the mark.


because magic is of the devil

Scottie Pippin

See David Blaine.


Of course it doesn’t. If it did, as you say, everyone would use it regardless of the supposed “dangers” that people like to invent to explain why it’s not more commonly used.


No. Spelling it correctly doesn’t help, either. It just makes you look less pretentious. The only effect it can have is to alter the mood of people aware of it being attempted. Through entirely natural means, a person may gain confidence if they think they’ve cast a love spell or whatever.


Magic isn’t real. Duh.
If it was real everyone would be trying to practice it. There would be kids on youtube turning eachother into rats and laughing. Also it would be a big industry and the military would be using it for wars.
“cause people are lazy….it takes a lot of mind control to do magic…”
It takes a lifetime of studying, learning, and concentration to make scientific advances yet there is no shortage of scientists. It takes a lifetime of devotion and practice to be a professional athlete or a artist or whatever. You find many real life examples of all of the above but none of people using magic.


Most folks can’t focus their minds enough to make a shopping list, let alone focus the Will enough to do magic.


Nope….God’s power tops all magic though!

M ★

Alot of people do practice magic because it does work. It is a practice, and as someone has already said – most people are not willing enough to learn and practice, and focus enough to do so.


Magic is every bit as effective as prayer.


There is no such thing as magic it is all an illussion. The hand is quicker than the eye type thing.


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