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Does lucid dreaming have anything to do with subconscious?

I’m wondering when a person has a lucid dream, can he/she kind of harness ideas, or kind of create things from somethings learned from the past from previous memories? I want to control my dreams to reexpierence my memories and have a look at them. Kind of like looking at a football film of your last game to see want went wrong and what to improve on. I know this sounds crazy and maybe impossible but I don’t doubt the mind’s powers. Thanks!!!


  1. You can definitely do that.. I think you sort of go into a different reality when your lucid.. I’ve done some pretty crazy things being lucid.. The possibilities are endless when you are lucid.. i would recommend that you watch WAKING LIFE.. it’s a great movie on lucid dreaming…
    First in order to get lucid, you have to remember your dreams. In order to do that you have to have intention of writing down the dream right when you wake up.. it helps to remember them when you actually write it down…
    Then you must find a commonality in your dreams, as soon as you figure it out, ask the question “am i dreaming” whenever you see that common symbol in your waking life, so then unconsciously in your dreams you’ll ask that question nd realize your dreaming.. it worked for me with water..:D..
    Also light switches don’t work in a dream, so periodically flick the light switch to see if your dreaming, also i can’t read in dreams either the letters go all weird, same with clocks…

  2. I don’t doubt the minds power either…but controlling dreams might be a little hard. I dream the things that are on my mind the most. If you think about something so much…it begins to form even in your subconscious. My husband has postpartum stress disorder from the military, and often dreams about things that happened, that he wishes happened differently. Almost like he is dreaming to try and change the real outcome. I tell my children before bed to ABSOLUTELY NOT DREAM ABOUT BUNNIES. Because they are afraid they will dream it, they usually will. So good luck.

  3. It is absolutely possible to have lucid dreams, but it is not an easy task to master. One has to train oneself to obtain control, and then succeed in maintaining control for the duration of the dream. It is possible though. Go to the library and look at books about it. It takes a lot of meditation, one of the first steps being to tell yourself before sleeping, to remember the dream, keeping a journal to write them in upon waking. Once you have mastered that then you start to tell yourself that you can control small areas, such as where you are or who your with.
    good luck
    Westi, your husbands dreams are a way for his brain (subconscious) to process and sort the things that he saw. It helps him with the post traumatic stress disorder. Encourage him to continue to try a conquer his dream, once he does his brain will be able get healthier. It will take a very long time, but it is good that he is working on it while he sleeps, then maybe that will help him during his waking hours as well

  4. I believe this is possible through a culmination of reality testing experiments and/or the use of dream signs during your reoccuring dreams.


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