Does loud noise harm or damage the astral body?

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If you say yes, please provide a source for this information.
I’ve read about loud noise harming the astral body, but very little information was given. It was all very vague. For example, how loud is too loud?
I don’t understand how something physical could harm something spiritual. It doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t seem fair that someone else making noise could deteriorate your astral body. And how is one to escape from noise pollution, living in a big city?

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pumpkin kitty!

not that i know of.

Dr. Hylozoists

In the World of Vibrations, where even our physical bodies are vibrating at impulses from known and unknown sources, everything is subtly energized.
Hence any vibration including very subtle ones like thoughts have a far reaching effect on the ( Kosha ) the sheath which protects our physical body.
Sound Smell Sight Sensations are all vibrationally strong as they leave impressions on the physical body which in turn is nothing but the visible part of the subtle body.
Read the TattvaBodha for more information and explanations on the subject of interchanging of energies between the physical body and the subtle body or the astral body


Anything about your astral body is bound to be very vague and hard to understand because your astral body is very vague and hard to understand. Could it be harmed by a loud noise? Sure, why not? Probably by video games and red meat too. I’m sure if you ingest enough peyote buttons, it will right itself though.


If you believe in a soul or a spiritual self, or an astral body as you call it, then surely the physical body is the vehicle for the astral body. Therefore, to harm the physical body is to harm the soul.
Not that I believe in astral bodies.
However, if a child is beaten and abused, the child will suffer psychological damage, and may become an abusive parent. The cycle continues from generation to generation. You could call it bad karma, or you could call it a vicious circle.
As to noise pollution, it subtly affects our minds. Few people can tolerate sitting in silence nowadays.


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