Home Discussion Forum Does losing weight through hypnosis even work?

Does losing weight through hypnosis even work?

I really wanted to start losing weight with hypnosis. Does it even work? What are the best hyponis tapes to lose weight for teenagers? The only one I’ve heard of is Think and Lose, does that work? Is there a better hypnosis tape than this?


  1. Yes, hypnosis does work for weight loss. Going to a hypnotist or hypnotherapist would be beneficial rather than a recorded tape as the session would be more personal and aimed for your needs. All hypnosis is self hypnosis (the hypnotist is a coach) so learning self hypnosis techniques and wanting to lose weight you will be successful. Best of luck.

  2. There’s no doubt that using hypnosis to loose weight does work. The moderation of unhealthy eating habits, combined with motivation to exercise, is a proven successful technique. When working with a hypnotherapist you are able to addresses the causes of your use of food, however successful weight management programs are out there to download. Try http://www.vancouverhypnotherapy.org/weightmanagement.html
    That’s one of mine – but there are many others.


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