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Does lack of religion equate to lack of spirituality?

I suppose this is directed towards atheists (I have no religious bias). I was wondering this because I don’t believe you have to have to have a religion to be spiritual (and not in the yoga, tree-hugging way either). I’ll pick the most thoughtful or thought-provoking answer – wow me.


  1. No… religion will fade away… but God requires us to search, and seek out truth :).. being spiritual will only take you so far as well…
    seek truth not man made concepts or belief 🙂

  2. No. One can be spiritual without being religious. There are atheistic religions, like Satanism and Raelism, that don’t worship any deities, but still have spirituality.

  3. Absolutely not.
    And this has to be the fifth or sixth time I’ve seen this question. Maybe you haven’t asked it before, but others have. I hope someone finally provides an answer you want.

  4. No. I am an atheist but I have my beliefs (not of a religious nature) mostly about energy and connectivity, that could easily be considered spiritual.

  5. I’m not an atheist (or agnostic, for that matter). Lack of religion (as in a formal path involving a church or philosophy) has little, if anything to do with a person’s sensitivity or lack thereof about spiritual matters. Religion can aid a person in becoming more spiritual or drive them away from feeling spiritual. A lot depends upon the person and the religion involved.

  6. Absolutely not, everyone is atheistic toward one god or another, I just like to point out the fallacies of the big three. My atheism allows me to enjoy the positive power of the human spirit and has opened my eyes to the evil of false prophets, and yes they are all false prophets.

  7. It’s all about the higher and lower conscious level in you, if you raise them you will find God but maybe not his name,if you keep them low you live in the material and naturalistic level where science lives.
    Most religions have a spiritual teaching and all talk about raising your conscious level to the unseen things that are just as real but not with form that the senses can see or feel. Hence they deny God.

  8. No. The reason is that one can have a sincere desire for spirituality, to be close to God, and find that all the religions one knows are false to that desire.
    They can search for that one way God approves to be worshiped, as indeed everything God has done shows he is very orderly, but have not as yet found it. Until they do, one is out of religion. But that spirituality drives one to go on searching.
    Once that search has found the one true pure religion, it is like a dam bursting. The joy and hope causes much action as well as relief that it has been found. It is truthfully a little difficult to rein them in.
    They are so glad they did not simply settle for any religion that came along or that pleased them temporarily. They continued searching for the one that matched what the Bible lays out as the one that pleases God.

  9. Every one of us have sets of religion whether he is atheist,agnostics,scientist,etc.For religion does not mean you have to have rituals and ceremonies,etc. because religion means a set of systems of beliefs whatever beliefs you have. If one has beliefs or systems of beliefs whether atheistic beliefs,one Has a religion and One is Spiritual.
    For one could not exist in this world without having any beliefs such as why he lives?why he sleep and awake everyday?why he do this,why he do not do that? etc.

  10. You don’t have to be religious, per se, to be spiritual of course, but learning helpful ideas and practicing healthy rituals (like praying and meditating) surely can greatly encourage, cultivate and socialize you within a religious context and environment. So if you truly wish to nurture your spiritual nature, then I would strongly recommend an Eastern religion such a Buddhism. Christianity has too much baggage and trite rhetoric to be spiritually satisfying. It is a dead religion with a bad name. Anyone who IS spiritual, will be naturally drawn to the wisdom of our global spiritual ancestors.


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