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Does kundalini energy have awareness?

i beg to differ!


  1. I had a kundalini awakening . It may my skin burn like and particularly my thighs but all over. My daughter felt this heat sitting near me and still feels it.
    My hair stood on end and this was unique to me It was not static electricity. I tried to phone people to ask for help because it was not a physical condition but rather some sort of other thing.
    . I felt as if I had way too much energy and I could run faster and my thoughts became rushed. I do not understand 1/8 of what happened to me. I could not eat . It seemed entirely unnecessary. I enjoy food. I could not eat and I was invited places and did not want to frighten family members. At one point I just lost it and said I am coming completely unglued . I fasted for three weeks and sought the God of Abraham and this happened. I would be able to direct the energy but I was fried about having this sensation. As I speak my legs burn and I feel like smoke coming from the top of my head . It is like steam radiators.
    I would hear voices and see people doing things in another world . I saw some of my deceased family members and even an atheist friend of mine who greeted me . Everyone seemed full of joy and excited to see me . Everyone was full of enthusiasm. I spoke with a man but he did not say his name nor did I speak . Everything was telepathic. He talked about mistakes in the Bible and misunderstandings . He addressed the woman issue and how he intended to release the same powers for healing upon women and it would be his anointing. He explained this had nothing to do with my behavior . It had only to do with promises made to my family generations and generations ago. Some spoke in riddles or puns like pointing out the irony of the first man being coming from Adam and how in the midwest we say Atom and Adam nearly alike. How all was foreshadowing and ordained from the beginning of the time.
    I began to have interpretations of historic events , musical lyrics and my life played backward and every event had a spiritual connotation, meaning and talked a lot about synchronisity and how events were interwoven . At one point he told me to prepare a meal and to place certain things on the table and then set an extra place for my cat Buffalo. The meal was the best I had ever prepared and I had candles and tea and I forgot to pray since I was always talking to God the prayer seemed like an interruption.
    I said “Excuse me for not saying grace for the meal”
    God said ” Look at Buffie over there.( Buff was eating up her tuna with incredible speed) He said she never told you thank you either but you can sure tell she is enjoying the food.” He was very kind to me . He talked to me for a long period of time and I found I did not want to talk to other people . I explained this to my immediate family but I think they were somewhat frightened that I would never be back. I began to think I was in heaven already and had died.
    I need to stop talking but with me there was some awareness of everything internal and external of the past and the present.


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