Home Discussion Forum does Judaism have any kind of magick system?

does Judaism have any kind of magick system?

I noticed that some ceremonial magick has some judeo-christian stuff in it. is there any magick that goes along with either judaism or christianity?


  1. Cabala
    However you want to spell it.
    Pretty much all western magick traditions have roots in it.

  2. I personally prefer the magic system in Final Fantasy 7, although Final Fantasy 8’s system wasn’t too bad either.

  3. That’s a little out there! What have you been observing? I’d run from magic but you may also be misinterpreting things.

  4. No, no ‘magic’ 🙂
    What we do have is Kabbalah, which is the more mystical aspect of Judaism. It involves a particular way of interpreting the Torah, our holy text.
    It’s not what we could call ‘magic’, though, but yes, there is certainly a very mystical element to it. (Madonna etc are not studying authentic Jewish Kabbalah)

  5. During the middle ages alchemists drew on anything which they believed might help them heighten their spiritual nature. This included mystical Jewish and Christian thought.
    Such practices continued into the last century with people like Aleister Crowley. The study goes on even today, sometimes from a spiritual perspective and sometimes from, shall we say .. a more magical angle.
    My knowledge is very limited I’m afraid and perhaps one of my contacts might be able to help further. But in the meantime a search of Theosophy, Gnosticism and of course Kaballah might be of interest to you.

  6. First of all, Magick and Religion do not have to be contradicting – maybe unless you would want to follow a system which contains a religion within, like Thelema.
    Most modern (not all of course) magical traditions are somewhat based on material initially used and created by the Golden Dawn in its early times. Within these you will find a lot of references to ancient Egypt (resulting from the fact that a lot of the founders also have been influenced by masonic traditions) and the Judeo-Christian traditions/deities. As for Kabbalah, indeed, the Kabbalah used within the magical systems is based on the “original” Jewish Kabbalah, using the same tools and so on but is not the same as the mystical spiritual Jewish Kabbalah as used by Jewish mystics.
    At the end of the day most magical systems are flexible enough to go with any religion you follow. If, let’s say we call upon Osiris the sun and Isis the mighty mother, we indeed do not (necessarily) worship these entities as the old Egyptian gods. But on another level they represent a lot more than just that. The light, resurrection etc. There are a lot of links between different religions… – – so, you can perform ceremonial magick even if you are Jewish or Christian.

  7. ceremonial magic misrepresents kabbalah, and ascribes things to it that are foreign to judaism. some ceremonial magicians go as far as to say that the tree of life and hebrew alphabet that are so central to their magical system originated in ancient egypt. there may be some egyptian influence, but none of the egyptians’ extensive records contain anything about a tree of life. the nile was the central metaphor in egyptian religion, trees were nothing.
    then there’s the fact that in judaism, only god can perform miracles. magic is blasphemous to jews. this is one of the main reasons they reject the jesus myth. so the short answer is ‘no’.


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