Does John McCain have (FAD), Freedom Anxiety Disorder?






Apparently he feels we all need to give to a cause greater than ourselves. I am concerned, that where he was held prisoner for so long in Vietnam, that he wants all Americans to “serve”, to suffer, to police the world, to end tyranny, in support of freedom, no matter what the price, because he did and so should we?!
I am concerned about a politician who needs to claim that he is “saved”, that he is pro life and wants to stop abortion. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and that forced rape and severe medical and or psychological conditions should not be a certain pregnancy carried forward! That is very unhealthy. I believe masturbation should be a crime if abortion is a crime. Scientists have proven that sperm are still attached to the male body in emotion after they leave the body until they oxygenate and that it takes weeks for the male body to rejuvenate bone marrow production after an orgasm. Bone marrow is the center of human life!
Perhaps a woman who gets pregnant and has been raped, should then turn in her rapist in exchange for the abortion, but the stress from being forcibly raped is probably stress enough, so we do the best we can.
These problems have been here since the beginning of time and I do not think America should be ready to fight for this day and night, everywhere, using up all available resources! I think this attitude will bankrupt America! If we are going to do what he says with drones and robots, that’s one thing, and hopefully we will be doing things that way, but if we are going to flood the world everywhere with Americans in the name of Christianity, this truly is a religious crusade and it is wrong for America!
Although I am glad he feels comforted by his religion, to me, Christian eternal damnation worship, the instilling of kind of a possibility of eternal terror in afterlife for some and not others, because they claim they are saved, wreaks of spiritual terrorism and crusading elitist polarization, and I believe this spiritual terrorism in organized religion is the very reason for ego centered excuses for war rather than negotiations
Obama is younger and thinks on his feet and has the greatest chance of understanding Forgive Affirmed Spirit than McCain!
McCain wants people doing community and worldwide service in the name of Christianity! That is a religious cause! It is one thing if a religion has a ego equilibrium, but Christianity has no place in the business of the world! Even Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world! America is not turning the other cheak! American is fighting using killing means ….for justice! That is not Christianity! That is not following Christ!
To say that it is is an abomination of that faith in Christ!
To kill in the name of Christianity, even terrorists, is a Crusade,… forcing your religion on others, when, if it was truly worthy, you would not have to force it on anybody!
If you want to get people to believe eternal damnation relief the way you say it is, as soon as possible, you should let them crucify you and you might convince a few and they might get mixed up enough to kill for you after you die in the name of your truth?!
Is that what we want?


  1. Obama is a committed christian who believes in Jesus christ. surely you wouldn’t vote for Obama…would you?

  2. Hmmm
    McCain wants americans to have the freedom to choose to do community service and the freedom for americans to have a say in what they actually do with their money.
    Obama just wants to take all of our money and give it to whoever he thinks deserves it. He was already justifying his tax increases. Hey Obama, hears a thought, cut gvt program spending. I know its a wild idea, but you dont have to tax a country to death just to force gvt programs that dont work down americans throats.
    How much freedom willl you have when the gvt has all your money?
    Anyone that actually likes money in their bank accounts are fools to vote for Obama.
    Do you realize how few abortions are done because of rape. Stop using that as an excuse to support abortion. Have the guts to admit its birth control.

  3. I can tell you have really thought this out, but you are in error with much of it.
    Did you know that McCain was an Episcopalian for all of his life and then just recently changed to Baptist? Not that its bad, but you need the facts. His change came from figuring out that Baptists are holding most of the Evangelical votes.
    McCain does want to do all those things you described. Police the world, invade and occupy, end tyranny. While we suffer those things here in our own country! The government is militarizing our police, we are in a police state, they are invading our lives and trying occupy our lands with Tyranny. He’s going to be a tyrant, worse than what we already have.
    You are correct about Organized Religions creating spiritual terrorism, but not in the way you described. They are on a crusade, not much different than what the Catholic church did thousand of years ago. They are in serious error.
    You are in error about bone marrow. It’s about blood being the center of human life, without it, you can’t have bone marrow.
    A woman that is raped and concieves should go to the rapist an make Him pay for the child’s upbringing, not to kill it. If she doesn’t want to keep the child, who had no choice who fathered it, then she can put the child up for adoption. There are many women who have not been blessed with the ability to concieve, yet blessed with the love the child would require from a mother and father.
    America is already bankrupt. Morally, spiritually and financially.
    ALL organized religions are based on man made doctrines that serve only their pagan traditions and rituals. They distort the true gospel to serve their needs. We are told to become born again to be saved from eternal hell. To repent of our sins, believe the gospel and be baptized. We are not told to force the gospel on anyone, but to plant seeds of the truth and let God handle it from there. Jesus never forced the gospel on anyone.
    You say Obama is younger, true, thinks on his feet, true, understands Forgive Affirmed Spirit (whatever that is). You are decieved and in error about Obama. He is a closet Muslim. You need to research that further.
    You are in error about christianity being in the business world. We don’t need the organized religion in the business world, but if the business world worked together as the gospel teaches, commerce would be fair and balanced.
    You are right, killing others for a religious belief is no better than the terrorist organizations doing so.
    True Christians have always been killed for following the gospel of Christ. It didn’t stop in Rome. But true christians are few and far between. Christians connected thru an organized religion are only “christians in name only”. (CINO’s) They are following the deceptions of the man made “religions”, they don’t know the truth.
    The scriptures tells us what true religion is, yet very few know it.
    James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
    That’s it. Pretty simple. Being unspotted from the world means you might live in this world, but do not follow the things and false doctrines of the world. Abortion is one of the false doctrines that men made for their convienence, not to mention wars and so forth.

  4. Honestly I believe that both McCain and Obama want the best for USA.
    I am however, an Obama Supporter, Support Obama By funds and
    by my Position.
    AND I AM CANADIAN ( my brother was an American)
    I dont’ Believe that OBAMA is a closet Muslim.. I wish you would provide Proof not your opinions ( those who do) and if he were ( which he is not) Jesus said to love all ( remember The Good Samaritan) helped when others wouln’t
    All kill in worldwide society from ions ago.. You won’t find a perfect world . I dot believe in the world is going to be condemned as I have oft written, ( THREE MAJOR FAITHS BELIEVE IN ( EVERLASTING LIFE) and LOVE.. although we dont live what is written
    Sorry our Kingdom is in this World ( Choose to live in it or not)
    The Kingdom of God is Within You.
    … Lord in all this is that the Kingdom of God is within each one of us (Luke17.21) … spiritual dimension: “the kingdom of God is within [or among] you.
    Fr. Gregory’s Orthodox Catechism …
    May I ask you the name of you FAITH.. ( the religion)

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