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does it matter what tarot cards you buy?

i bought some today because i just saw them and i was just impatient and wanted them. so, is that bad? or should i have taken the time to look at other places?
its just that i have to kind of do this in secret and today i was with mu mum and i bought them when she wasnt looking. so i cant exactly have asked to go somewhere else without her making it difficult.


  • Hello

    Yes it matters – you have to gel with them to build a relationship with them.

    All things happen for a reason, so your purchase may have been a perfect one!


  • I guess that depends on how you want to use them. There are broadly three uses.

    The first use is unfamiliar to English speakers but it is their original use. Tarot cards were invented in mid 15th century Italy for a family of card games – games that continue to be played throughout continental Europe today! For these games, you really want the pip cards to be what we call non-scenic, that is, they simply show the number of items of the suit, so the 4 of coins will just have four coins on it.

    The second and third uses are more familiar to use in the English speaking world. Fortune telling and the idea of meditation upon the symbols has it’s origin only in the very late 18th century after a Parisian occultist, ignorant of the cards’ real origins, invented his own story about their being from Egypt and having a use in divination. For this purpose it probably doesn’t matter which pack you use, so long as you like the pictures. Most fortune tellers prefer to use a pack which has scenic pip cards, which means that the 4 of coins will show four coins in a picture that represents whatever it is fortune tellers think the card represents.

  • They should be passed down from generations or given to you by a family member. however if you felt them call out to you trust in that
    don’t ever give them away, burn them or lend them out to anyone else. The original deck was the Rider Waite deck however today there are many different kinds that have emerged. The easiest spread is a three card one until you learn others like the celtic cross, the fan, past present and future etc.

  • Because this is a sincere question I’ll give you a non-preaching, non-judgmental reply:

    The most common and popular deck is the traditional Rider Waite deck of tarot cards. That doesn’t mean they are the best or even the right ones to use. It just means they are the most popular. It’s usually best to pick up several different styles and respond to the deck that ‘feels’ right in your hands.

    However, any deck you use will work just fine if you believe it will. It’s always up to you. If you believe the deck you have will work then it will.

    As to the fundies giving you a hard time here, just ignore them. I always find it amazing (and sad) how many stone casters there are in R&S. The truth is there are many intuitive, even psychic, people in the world, including practicing Christians, who can use tarot cards (or any other divine tools) to help channel their gift. God gives us many ways to help ourselves and others. If you have a gift that you can use to help others there is no evil in using that gift, psychic or otherwise, tarot cards or palms or whatever. It’s a gift you have.

    The deck you’ve bought will work just fine as long as you have faith in it.

  • nope. but usually it would help if you are drawn to a particular deck. If you consecrate or cleanse/bless them, you should be ok. Just remember they are just a tool and only your decisions determine if the outcome is the same as the cards.

  • If the cards call to you then they are fine.

    do you feel any kind of connection to them? It may take some time for a bond to grow… Usually it doesn’t matter what deck you buy as long as you like them.

  • no… but a good set has good instructions. For a first deck, use whatever, once you get good at it… go find a nice artsy deck… mine are from an artist in Hawaii….. he travelled Europe and used many works of art to symobolize many tarot figures… they are almost too nice to use. Its just for fun, a game… you wont go to hell like some of these fundies might tell you and as for god being against it… how do they know, did he tell them? Gosh I cant stand those idiots…. they should clean up their own backyards before they go beaking off in here….

  • I would,nt think so because tarot cards are like rolling dice unless the deck is stacked it is only luck not forecast.

  • Yes, it matters. The more you spend on them, the more money you’re throwing away.

    Take your money and buy something useful.

  • You should buy whichever ones are easiest for you to read. I have a few decks that I bought because I loved the artwork, but they are distracting. I always got all of my best readings from a good old Rider Waite deck.

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