Does it make you sad that negative energy and closed mindedness is feeding our energy prison and ruining earth?

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See my answer to your previous question.
Your knowledge of the world around you is pathologically ill.

Wolfechu II

Certainly. If only the world were made of unicorn farts and kitten giggles like you apparently believe, we’d all be a lot happier.

neil s

“Negative energy” was enough for me to see you’re speaking New Age nonsense.

Maurog II

Ha, I rerouted it to power my entire house.
The computer I use right now runs on negative energy!


I’m a chock full of positive helpful energy dude! Peace friend 🙂


Simply stated: I don’t care.


Yes definitely. If you try to be honest and generate productiveness, idiots will try to mock those people. If you are dishonest and cave in, everyone loves you ; ) and the world rots. So now people can’t be honest with themselves and they don’t even know what real happiness is, or at least most.


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