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Does Islamic Black Magic Really Work?

Does Islamic Black Magic Really Work???
Hi i have a friend who just suffered from Islamic Black Magic… I just want to ask, does it really work and if so how?
Thank You…


  1. I don’t know, but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t. My friend told me it’s a sin to practice magic if you’re Islamic.

  2. You sir, are obviously ignorant of the teachings of Islam!
    Islam and Black Magic don’t mix. Islam is against any and all forms of magic.
    You should read the story of Moses in the Qur’an.

  3. You have a friend who just suffered from Islamic Black Magic. In what way you have understood his suffering? Whether the black magic really worked or not you can only explain since you have only seen your friend suffering.

  4. I’ve never heard of Islamic Black Magic,is it a type of assorted chocolate box that’s sold in Kabul ???
    From what I can remember about what I’ve read in the past and I understand magic,if it works,is the practice of producing an effect in the real world by the focusing of the will and power of the mind.
    Generally speaking invoking certain diety’s,practising rituals or reciting incantations aren’t the ‘active ingredient’ that produces the desired effect but aids to focusing the will,that’s what actually does the business !!!!
    Also apparently magic is magic is magic.What you use it for is what defines whether it’s Black or White,,i.e if you are doing it for selfish personal gain or to produce a negative effect on someone else whereas white magic is when it’s used to help someone,a selfless act.
    Fundementally it comes down to whether you believe magic works or not.The particular form is neither here nor there really it’s all a means to the same end.
    The rituals,incantations are simple steps to occupy the concious mind leaving the sub concious and super concious mind along with the will free to focus on the desired effect.It’s the combination of will the and power of the mind that produces the effect in the real world or so I have read,understood.
    How the mind actually is able to produce effects in the material world is anybody’s guess.
    There is also a suggestive effect that casting a spell or cursing someone could be said to have.
    If a ‘magician’ goes to someone and curses them then if the cursee starts to believe that he has been cursed then it is possible that the thought and fear of this curse always in the back of their mind can make them unconciously sabotage their own lives,,they aren’t cursed in any true sense just they believe they are and this belief has a negative effect on their lives,,any subsequent bad happening although entirely unrelated will just reinforce the idea of the curse !!!
    I spose Islamic Black Magicians invoke the baddies from the Islamic religion to do their business.
    Does it really work??.
    Who knows I’ve yet to see if magic works but never say never…..
    It’d be quite interesting and relevant to hear more about your mates experiences !!!!

  5. Assalamu alaikum,
    Yes black magic does work and can have devastating effect on the life of the affected.
    In islam, the sorcerer (whether applying black or white magic) must be killed due to the ill effect magic has on the society. Even reconciling two people can have bad effects because two persons are not necessarily meant to be together.
    Here is an article on how to cure black magic in islam


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