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Does hypnotism work to get motivated and organized?

I recently had a heart attack and since then I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. Health wise I am in good shape since I have gotten out of the hospital, and I can see all the things I need to do, but I just can’t get up and do them. Has anyone tried hypnotism to help with motivation, procrastination and can it work? I understand that a person needs to believe in the process before it will work, but I would feel better knowing from someone’s personal experience about it. I have tackled my smoking addiction with pills (chantix) but I get overwhelmed when I see all that needs to be done and can’t get started. Any comments or experiences would help.


  1. You write like a sensible intelligent person who just isn’t very well yet. You need more time to think everything through. Certainly stopping smoking succeeds with hypnotism, and if you try that, the hypnotist will advise you about motivation and drive. You need to feel a lot better first. Good luck!

  2. I personally have no experience with hypnotism, but I suggest you watch the movie ‘Office Space.’ I am probably one of the world’s biggest procrastinators but once I get started on something I don’t stop until I am all the way done. Here is what I do:
    Say you need to clean out the garage. Start by pulling out the car; you’ll be surprised how much emptier it looks already. Next grab a box off of a shelf and go through it. It is only one box. After you clean out that box go to the next a gradually go through all of your boxes. Then move over to the kid’s toys and get rid of anything that they don’t play with and hose down all the rest.
    Basically just start small. Don’t focus on the big picture just look at one small piece at a time.
    Also another thing that is good just to help you get back into your normally work routine is cooking a nice home cooked meal. It gets you to the store, makes you prep food and supplies, cook, and then clean up the mess. A nice added bonus is you also get a healthy meal.


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