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Does hypnotherapy really work?

I went to 2 hypnotherapists about my problems, and none of it worked. I didn’t feel any different. They just ask me to lie down and relax, Then start talking to my subconscious mind. I’m am aware and can hear every word there saying. Also my subconscious can reject anything it doesn’t agree with. The hypnotherapist give ur subconscious suggestions which u can ignore anyway if u want. I don’t think its a powerful as people make it out to be. I mean anyone can just lay down and have someone talk to them and put some suggestions in there head which they can ignore if they want anyway.


  1. I tried it once to give up smoking and straight after I lit up a ciggie and I have never enjoyed one so much! I was really fed up that it didn’t work for me

  2. For the motivated patient, it can help. It’s not for everyone but it can be an important part of the fight against something like addiction, destructive behaviors and other problems.

  3. I’d like to clarify something for you. If you are in a “hypnotic state”, your subconscious mind cannot ignore the suggestions given to it. Your CONSCIOUS mind can, but your subconscious cannot. Your problem may be that you were not in a hypnotic state. Sure, while you are in trance, you can still hear what the therapist is saying, and even disagree. But, because you are in that trance, your subsconscious mind is highly suggestible. Your problem may be that you were not sufficiently hypnotised or that you didn’t give it enough time. It’s rarely a one time magic bullet.

  4. Years ago, I was smoking about15 cigs a day and a pipe.
    One night went into a church hall in town to see what
    was going on. Turned out to be a non smoking campaign.
    Consultant from local hospital gave a talk. Showed a
    film of a hynotist suggesting that one would give up
    smoking saying that cigs had a bad taste etc.
    Came out of there and never touched another cig or a
    pipe again.. So yes I feel that hypnotism can work.

  5. Well miss Vixen (love your username) I agree with you to a point.Hypnotherapy does not work for me either.Here’s the deal some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others and if your not then its not going to work.Your subconscious mind takes in everything 24/7 that your 5 senses( feel,taste,smell,hear and see)experience.
    It never shuts off.Your conscious mind only operates when you call upon it,which is the entire time you are awake.Some of us have such a strong consciousness that it is impossible for us to relax,or detach from that consciousness long enough to be hypnotized even if we are consciously willing to be.I personally feel its a blessing that my consciousness
    is impenetrable and will not allow me to slip into a state that someone can have access to my subconsciousness without my senses demanding conscious awareness.


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