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Does Hypnosis work to overcome fears and gain confidence?

I have a problem with self confidence and a fear of meeting and talking to new people! Im thinking about Hypnosis anyone know if that could work or anyone ever try it?
Know any Hypnosis Docs in southern Ca


  1. It can help, not sure if it is clinically proven but the placebo effect is still an effect, watch out for quacks though, try to get a propper doctor to refer you to a psycologist, or if you have a common fear see if you can just get some audio tapes or something, at least tapes will be cheaper so you’ll have less to loose.

  2. Hello Tom
    Yes, Hypnosis & NLP can be very affective for confidence issues.
    Do an on line search or better pick up a local directory, you will find many there.
    Good Luck
    see profile 🙂

  3. Hello Tom,
    Yes, Hypnosis does work as long as you really want to change. I have been hypnotized for sports enhancement when I was in High School to give me more confidence in myself – and it did wonders. I was a wrestler and was losing matches because I would psych myself out before a match thinking the other guy was better than me, but after 2 sessions I was racking up the wins (even better I was beating the guys who previously beat me) I ended up being ranked 5th in my state. I would suggest contacting a certified hypnotist in your area – I’am currently a certified consulting hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. – one of the largest hypnosis organizations in the world. You can get a referral by going to http://www.ngh.net/Forms/Referral.aspx
    Best of luck,
    Jay B

  4. Oh yes, Absolutely.
    The night before my daughter was starting her new school, she was getting more and more anxious about the change. I think we all remember how stressful the transition between schools can be.
    So rather than have her worry all night, not sleeping and getting more and more worked up, I put her under and gave her a series of suggestions about being able to sleep well, to trust in herself, and to be confident in her own coping skills, etc.
    After I’d finished, she was her old self again. She was in bed asleep by 8pm and slept soundly all night.
    The next evening she excitedly came to tell me about how she and her friends had got completely lost walking between classrooms. She told me how her friends were getting more and more worried about what would happen when they arrived at the next lesson late, however she knew inside that it was their first day and that the teachers would expect this kind of thing so nothing bad would happen, the stress just bounced off her!
    From other people I’ve worked with, its not unusual to come out of a session actively looking forward to meeting new people, knowing you’re going to have some real fun doing it too.
    I keep a link to professional organizations on my website, including “The Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis”. I’ll put a link in the sources below.


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