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Does Hypnosis help in getting back interest in studies?

Hi, I am an above average student but recently Iv not been able to concentrate or put interest in My studies. As much as I want to Im being distracted. Can hypnosis help Me in gaining this interest back and also improve My concentration? Please do suggest some effective Hypnosis Centres in Bangalore City [India]. Thank You.


  1. I believe hypnosis will work if you truly believe it will. If you go in thinking it’s a waste of time and will not help, then it will not help.
    No idea of any good places in Bangladore as I live in America.
    Good luck getting back into your studies.

  2. Hypnosis can definitely improve your focus. So does meditation. Maybe you’re experiencing burnout. Try doing your studies in 20 minute intervals, resting 10 minutes in between. This helped me a lot during my undergraduate studies.

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