Home Discussion Forum Does hypnosis help in clearing unresolved issues in my subconcious mind?

Does hypnosis help in clearing unresolved issues in my subconcious mind?

I have gone through terrible events in the past, some of which were violent. I am now suffering from intrusive thoughts caused by OCD. Does hypnosis help me get rid of some past unresolved issues? Can i do it by myself as i cant discuss all my thoughts with a therapist? How can i do it?


  1. i am sorry that you have had a hard time….hypnosis helps some people, but, it is unhealthy to just try to push back those unresolved feelings….any doctor will tell you that….you can do it on your own, you may need the assistance of a doctor or even a prescription for a while, depending on your issues….overcoming tragic events is tough, but its all about prospective, how you perceive the event is what causes the distress….even the most horrible things, when viewed in a healthier way, can actually make you a stronger person….you have to tell yourself that what happened to you sucked pretty badly, and it has damaged you pretty badly, but those events are not in control, you are. so begin by telling yourself, every time you start to have those thoughts or ideas, that you are just having a moment, breath through them and tell yourself you are OK now, and you control the thoughts, it’ll take time. but you most def. can do it. stay strong. and don’t be afraid to be sad about your life, but, commit to making it better from here on out. you will have a mind that is sound healthy and solid after the days begin to progress….after all, life is only what you will allow it to be, its wont ever be good on its own…you know?

  2. Hello Zaid
    Hypnosis would be a perfect method for clearing unwanted subconscious material.
    You can learn how to perform self hypnosis, book are available most places. It takes practice, but is a wonderful aid to relaxation. You would not be able to work on yourself in an analytical manner via self hyp – but you would feel calmer.
    However, a good hypnotherapist, will listen to you without bias, with an open mind & will want to help your growth, so dont be afraid of seeking help. You will need more than one session – so find a therapist that you like & trust.


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