does heritage and astrology affect sexual orientation and personaliy?

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I am Czechoslovakian, German, Cherokee, and American (White).
I am a scorpio.
I am a lesbian.
I have no religion.
I have that personality of a person who cares too much about other people and not myself.
Can you tell me if I am normal? Does my heritage and astrology have anything to do with my life?

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actually no . it just in your mind . take it out of your mind . Just ignore it . Take it outta ya mind . Take it out .. TAKE IT OOOUUTTT !!! AAARRRRHHHH !!!!!!!!
thanx : o


I’m a little bit of German…and I’m American…
I’m straight…a pisces…and strongly Catholic..


I doubt astrology has anything to do with your sexual orientation since all the science seems to indicate that it has a genetic precursor linked to birth order or a myriad of other physical reasons.
I don’t really believe that astrology has anything to do with one’s personality even though I am the quintessential Gemini. (here communicating at 4:52a.m.)
But definitely heritage plays a role in one’s personality. I think it goes back to the nature vs nurture debate and in this case, it falls in both. Personality is largely determined by genetics. But environment does play a part in shaping us so your personality may have been shaped by “the old ways” if your parents are immigrants or traditions have been passed down. I don’t know what specific characteristics that are attached to Czechs or Germans but if you were raised around that culture, you would have been influenced by it.
Lastly, do you feel normal? Sounds to me like you are just like any other woman……doing everything for your family, your boss, your friends, your kids etc but not taking care of yourself. Such is the fate of women. 🙂


Heritage does have something to do with your life, since it determines your genome (DNA), and that makes you who you are in a biological sense. Your body, including your brain, is mostly due to your DNA. It is not clear how much of your sexuality is due to DNA, and how much is due to the environment, but it seems likely that both play a part.
Your heritage might also affect you through your up-bringing. If your parents or others in your environment payed attention to the culture/traditions of your respective backgrounds it would influence your way of thinking and how you feel about different things, including sexuality.
Astrology on the other hand have absolutely no affect on anything. It has been proven in MANY peer reviewed experiments that it is pure humbug. It is also not logical to expect that a more or less random sampling of stars (and some planets) pattern in the sky should influence the lives of humans. The only star that has any significant influence on humans is the Sun, since it is the source of energy and it is therefor also responsible for all life on Earth.

Emma Mae

Oh honey, you are better than normal. You are YOU!!! Unique, perfect in your own way, so there is no comparison or even a need to.
Take care,
Hugs to you and yours
Emma Mae


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