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does having norse blood help you become a better practicioner of Norse and rune magick in any way?

i am of norwegian/scandinavian ancestry, and i want to learn rune magick and how to read runestones . i thought maybe i could be more accurate with them than tarot cards because i could tap into my northern heritage.


  1. I’ve never tried, but probably. Our blood runs straight from odin’s own veins.
    I’m of Germanic/Scandic/English/Polish ancestry. White-Other.

  2. It may, it may not. 😀
    But I can tell you this much: it surely enhances your spiritual and magickal experiences!
    – 17 yo Pagan

  3. answer: I would answer that it probably helps. Others will say that it’s essential. Others say if you’re called by the gods, you’re called no matter what the bloodlines.
    Yeah, two extremes.
    As someone with 14yrs in the religion – I say it helps but isn’t essential. What type of Norse magic? Magic isn’t too common in heathenism.
    # # ##
    Added: can’t hurt, certainly. Check out carving your own runes in wood. Much more powerful than stones (especially painted ones).
    Books to look for: Taking up the Runes, Diana Paxson
    Runester’s Handbook, Edred Thorsson
    AVOID: A Book of Runes, Ralph Blum
    Lady of the Northern Lights (forget the author)

  4. Perhaps…but I would say mainly your upbringing and personal views. I have a good deal of Norse and Germanic heritage (from both my parents) and I find Asatru interesting but not right for me. I have more Irish and English and I find the Celtic and Druid practices fascinating but still not quite there. My beliefs actually tend more toward some Native American and I do have one ancestor but quite a ways back. So basically to answer your question – no.

  5. Depends on who you talk to on that one.
    I tend to lean folkish. I believe we are called to our roots and that we have a cultural right to the gods. But the reality is, in this world, we are all a bunch of mutts more or less. So who’s to say if you have any Norse/Germanic in you? I know I do, but some people don’t know their family history.
    The gods call who they will. But I do believe that if you aren’t of the ancestry you have to work a little harder for it.
    But we (heathens) dont’ generally do a lot of magic work, so what magic are you talking about? And no there is no K on the end of it. It’s just magic. The norse never met Crowley thank you.

  6. I would have to say that having Germanic ancestry is useful from the perspective that you have a built in cultural link to the origins of the Runes, as well as associated Fjolkcunning practices. Is it essential, well, I’d have to say no, but it certainly helps in the majority of people whom I have communicated with on the subject.
    The best preserved traces of Germanic Fjolkcunning are to be found in the Scandinavian countries, due to their remoteness, and the time frame within which they were converted, as well as their deep seated sense of linkage to their ancestral homeland and the tales of their ancestors.
    I would however recommend that you look to scholarly works first before reading anything esoteric. Find books on Runestones, and inscriptions, I am sure you’re not too far from a University there which should have a whole mass of resources which are readily available. Read about archaeological discoveries of amulets, statues, etc. Stick to the facts, before diving into what may, or may not, be someones imaginings.

  7. It’s not you blood that counts it’s your gender, women are best placed to practice seiðr; in fact the sagas tell of how men cannot (or in some cases must not) practice seiðr, men can practice galðr more which is more along the lines of the boasts at blots and sumbel. Heathens do very little magic if any at all, it is not part of the faith, it is a “by the way” type thing for the seiðkona to do when needed.
    Be pure of mind not pure of blood, the Norse and Germanics mixed with all races so there is no “pure” blood left.
    Waes Hael!


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