Does having children immediately condemn you to another life – as in reincarnation?

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If you no longer wish to keep reincarnating, then is it best to not have children?

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Love and light

This makes no sense whatsoever. We all keep reincarnating, the children we have in this life has nothing to do with it.


You don’t come back as your children. You can come back as a cow or a fly or a tree. Though I don’t believe in reincarnation. I’m Catholic.

Understanding Emotional Guy

No that doesn’t effect the outcome of anything. The people incarnating today are much more spiritually advanced than before about 1987. The only thing that has any affect on reincarnation is spiritual knowledge.

Made From Embryonic Stem Cells

Yes, this simple truth is one that almost all theists fail to grasp. The only way you can ‘live again’ or become eternal, is not through heaven or hell, but to pass your genes on to the next generation. Every one of our ancestors died after doing so. They live in us. The main ‘catch’ is that our minds do not live on.


No, creation by our actions creates karma inherently, but we can become free from the cycle of existence and suffering depending on our conditions; the Buddha had a son before he became enlightened, and it did not hinder his path. The one way to avoid being condemned to another rebirth is to let go.


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