does hard qigong really shorten your life span?





tell me pls
im thinking of combining it with savate


  1. The Ron Sacharnoski way is very detrimental.
    Sanchin, which is hard qigong, could be detrimental if practiced incorrectly.
    It’s in the breathing. When doing so, you have to contract the muscles continuously.
    You are supposed to do a continuous smooth breath and not hold the breath,
    Alot of practitioners hold the breath when they come to the end of a movement, then release it. This is incorrect.

  2. It is said that unsupervised practiced of qigong (learned from books, dvd’s and not a teacher) can cause health problems.

  3. in my opinion ,i have done a lot of research over the years, it can be counter productive if not taught correctly. check with the bccma,this org is the most prominent organisation for the promotion of chinese martial arts in th u.k

  4. I do not think they have any proof positive either way for sure scientifically. I have heard both so not being a practitioner I can not really tell you other than what I just did.

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