Does God perform a very calculated quota of miracles? As in, the maximal undetectable amount?






What I mean is, if God just cures all the sick, feeds all the starving and punishes all the wicked, people will catch on that he’s out and about, a clear violation of free will, right?
But, a cancer patient here, a karma punishment for a criminal there, as long as it doesn’t deviate too much from the statistic it’s fine, right? Does he have to go with the maximal undetectable amount of miracles?


  1. God does not exist, but if “he” did, he would be very stingy with “miracles”, he certainly does not perform near as many as are needed!

  2. my friend miracles are not unless there is someone to witness them!
    so to answer your question, your here i’m here, so in that right we are the miracles!

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