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Does God only dole out positive things in a person's life? Do all the terrible things come from another force?

In the Bible, it is fair to say that God is not like some perfectly nice figure who knows nothing but love. He is said to punish people just like a father would punish a son. So my question is this: Does God usually take sides when there is a dispute. Say a person has been living against the the Bible’s teachings. He has not been hurting others per se, but he has been smoking drinking, engaging in sex with prostitutes. Is the God of the Bible going to punish this person for breaking God’s law? For being proud, for thinking immoral thoughts?
When someone gets in a fight with a friend and years later the friend is prospering with a beautiful family and a great job, while the other person is battling depression, having horrific nightmares, suicidal thoughts? Is it the prerogative of God to make an example out of the sinner and bring infamy to his name around the community? Or are all of the horrible things that happen to the sinner (the bad reputation, the STDs, the awful nightmares and apathy/dread), are they brought upon by the devil?
We can say God is great, but you remember what he did to Job and it is also important to remember that he is all-powerful. If your life is hell while your friend is prospering than either your friend had better karma or God has deemed him more just when your reputation in the community has been tarnished, right?
Or is God crying for the sinner? Does God both want people to look at you when you’re doing drugs in the streets and shun you, making you feel like less than dirt? Or is God the energy that will bring someone from the Church out and rehabilitate you?
How could God both love you and hate you? How could he be responsible for making a mockery of Tiger Woods’ life but still wanting him to get better? Isn’t it hard to tell whose side God is on…some of these ideas about living righteously to ensure better results are clearer in Buddhism than they are in Christianity, no?


  1. If god created everything in the universe, technically everything, good or bad, comes from him, but that’s not the case since he doesn’t exist.

  2. If we accept God’s reconciliation that comes through Jesus Christ by faith, we come into a place of being at peace with Him. If we reject God’s testimony concerning His Son, He must deal with us according as our sins deserve.
    Once we are reconciled, we may still be chastised for disobedience; but GOd no longer deals with us in wrath.
    “God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”
    II Corinthians 5:19-21
    “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.”
    John 3:36

  3. God loves everyone. He loves all of us because he continues to feed us and clothes everyday and keeps the world going. He makes it rain upon the righteous and the unrightoues. He loves us in that he desires all of us to be saved but hates the bad evil things you may do the sin in us. God is not evil he is only a being of good. However he does have feeling so he can love, hate, and be angry just like we can. Humans are made in his image. What you are questioning is the purpose of life and life itself. The Devilis a liar and the badness is brough on by him and the evil with us as human we were born with sin from our mother and father adam and evil. God has a purpose for us and that was for us to be happy here on earth but the devil messed that up our true purpose. God gave us a conscious and mind to know what is right and wrong. God can forgive you but if you continue to sin an do thing wrong when the time comes for judgement you will be judged. However he has given everyone a chance to repent and turn around. He has given us our own free will to choose our own destiny life or our own destruction. So it is us to us what purpose and what path we choose in life. We are the ones who make our own mistakes and our own turmoil because god allows us to have our on free will. Many times it is the action of humans that cause ourself to suffer. Like global warming, greed, and population. We are destroying our own selves in the process and trying to blame god and others for want is mostly the devil and humans fault. So we have to choose our own purpose and path in life. That’s the best answer I can give.

  4. actually God did nothing to Job. satan ask God if he could do it and God allowed it. when satan could not break Job, God then blessed him with more than he’d lost. sometimes we’re allowed to go through things because it will prepare us for something greater. in my youth, when i was in the army i was treated pretty harshly. the training was like torture. when i graduated training i was a physically fit, highly skilled killing machine. the ruff stuff was part of the preparation for a detail that i could not have survived unless i’d had the training. also remember that rain falls on the just and the unjust.

  5. In scorching heat the warmth of the fire is intolerable but on a cold chilly day the same warmth is pleasant so what is fire good or bad. God has given ‘Fire’ to us as Good but we tend to label it good or bad as per our intrepretation of this ‘Fire’. I agree with you God is the source of all the positive things in our life, and I believe it is most of the time we ourselves who are the negative force and the source of all the terrible happenings in our lives, it is we ourselves who make our life hell by being like a druggy or behaving like Tiger Woods
    As you have mentioned the philosophy of Karma, I do believe that God has given us full liberty to acts as per our wishes but subsequently also be prepared to face the good/bad consequences of our actions.
    Like the mockery of Tiger Woods you have mentioned has been his own doing. If he has enjoyed his fling outside his marriage how God is responsible for the consequences when these women have made his life miserable later.
    It is not God who is responsible our happiness and sorrows but our desires and the answer lay in this Sanskrit poem by poet philosopher Bharathari translated in English it is as follows
    In condemnation of Desires
    I travelled across many difficult and dangerous paths,
    yet it brought me no wealth
    I gave up pride of my lineage and have served the rich in vain
    and the foolish without self-respect,
    I have craved and eaten like a crow in homes of others
    and still, oh Desire! instigator of wicked deeds,
    you prosper and even then remain unsatisfied.
    In search of treasures did I dig up the face of the earth,
    In search of perfection many an ore did I melt,
    In search of wealth I crossed every oceans
    And spared no pains to please the kings,
    Yet for all my efforts it didn’t bring me a single dime,
    I sought for the cause, it lay in my desires,
    I pray to thee ‘Desire’ leave me alone


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