Does God exists if we are not in a state of consciousness?

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Our brain is limited and we employ the term God to express the infinite unknown that surrounds our meaningless existence and the mysterious informations we live in and have to decode , we invented many things to simplify this multitude of informations that we receive but cannot know its reality : we invented time , space, evolution and God , therefore God is an abstract word but includes everything from the many received informations to the many unreceived ones like the dark matter in our universe , these informations interact with our lives and change it thus we have to live with what is around us from the metaphysics to the physics , we are not subjected to a random evolution as Darwin stated we live in a moving vessel called earth with no time nor space except in our minds , this world exists only when we look at it and this whole concept of God is nothing but a term that makes our existence meaningful to an extent , as the universe doesnt exist if we dont look , God too doesnt exist if we are not in a state of consciousness

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What is that supposed to be? Like if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to here it does it still make a sound? Maybe try reading the whole “I think there for I am speach” who was it Detante or someone like that?
And if you are going to try taking your philosophy classes the seriously you are going to end up with a nervious breakdown.


God is a spirit and you can only speak to Him through your spirit so I would say yes,,if you are unconscious and you are alive then your spirit is still alive and yes you can hear him…


I didn’t even finish reading your question. This is my answer to does God exists if we are not in a state of consciousness? Yes, He does. He has always existed, He exists now and He WILL always exist.


I put it this way : if humanity became extinct would God still exists? if we are all dead then why would God be around ..


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