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Does God ever play with His followers?

I’ve been reading about Korean shamanism, which believes that when invited, the gods will come down to play and dance with their followers, and I couldn’t help but thinking what a lovely thought this was.
Does the Abrahamic God (whichever Abrahamic path you follow) ever do this? Or is it all smiting and judging?
Thanks in advance.


  1. Yes! He does! 🙂
    I’ve been driving down the road and felt the presence of God in my car as I was singing to Him….I felt Him HUG me all the way home and I heard Him say “I’m holding you!” It was awesome!
    I’ve been in church, when we were all rejoicing in the Lord, and felt His presence so strong in the middle of us as we were dancing! We have felt utter JOY in His Presence….we’ve laughed, danced, sang, etc. We’ve been “drunk” with His Presence!
    He most definantly comes down to “play” with those who seek His Presence! He wants a RELATIONSHIP with us….not a bunch of religious “do’s and don’ts…”

  2. Just know that if you do this your inviting…. spirits which = Demons.. do your research before you do anything
    Peace and Blessing to you and your family

  3. Mmm, in all honesty, I hope that He does(if he exists). Not for fun, but for His own entertainment and experimentation. Yeah yeah, God is supposed to be all-knowing and whatnot, but it strikes me as difficult to believe that such an almighty being does not have some kind of ulterior motive. He creates life for what reason? He must heave a reason for destroying life too, or at least creating mortality. It is difficult for me to believe in God otherwise, seeing all the suffering on Earth.
    A bit complicated answer, I think. I’m agnostic, by the way, in case you felt my answer was a bit ambiguous in belief.

  4. He plays all the time! His game is called “tell one group of people one thing and tell another group of people something else and watch them slaughter each other”. Fun game, huh?


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