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Does geting a tarot card reading and having a reading tell you about pregnancy mean that I could be pregnant?

I am married and I do have sex so I amean I could be but I have tried for 2 years now and have not ever gotten pregnant once and if I have I did not know it. I just had a tarot card reading and it mention fertility and possible pregnancy.
my sister in law is pregnant. with a boy. but i already knew that.


  • It is certainly possible that the Tarot reading is correct and you are indeed pregnant. However, the most reliable method to know if you are or aren’t pregnant is a pregnancy test.

    You’ll also find that most ethical Tarot readers will not definitively predict pregnancy as it is against our code of ethics to ‘predict’ health issues. Again, the best thing to do is to get a medical opinion.

  • For pregnancy, I’d personally rely on a pregnancy test instead of what the tarot says. The cards can sometimes only show you what you WISH for or what you fear, not what’s actually there.

  • You either are pregnant or you aren’t, and tarot cards are not a pregnancy test and not a path to fertility. You should have spent your tarot reading money on a pregnancy test from the store. Get one with a readout in words, because I can tell lines would confuse you.

  • Well, it could be suggesting that someone you know is pregnant. Although if the tarot reading was for you, there’s a chance it means you are.

  • Tarot cards can be made to predict anything you want them to predict – just pick something and then fake a prediction – and there you are.

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