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Does gemstones actually work?

Like Citrine, Chalcedon, Turmalin or even Opal?
I mean like.. If u want to change something in your life.
When ur depressed or have a bad year.


  1. Not by themselves no, but I specialize in dark magick and can soul trap demons and spirits in gemstones, when I create these amulets, they work.

  2. i can’t say much for the ones you mentioned, but i have used amethyst for healing on many occasions. it works quite well and the receiver was quite pleased with not feeling any pain.

  3. Stones emit metaphysical energy, but they are only tools. For example, a screwdriver is a tool that YOU can use for a specific purpose. But if you just put it on a table and expect it to DO anything, you’re going to be disappointed. The stones help you focus your own energies and gain support from the energy transfer between you and the stone.

  4. First of all… dark magic? It has nothing to do with trapping anything in anything. 😐 For shvts sake, stop making people who actually do work with “dark magic” look bad.
    Now, to answer the poster’s question… I believe they work. I think different stones and their colors have various vibrations or energies, and those do different things. I don’t think shoving a chunk of rose quartz down someone’s throat will make them love you, but if you meditate with the stone and focus on loving yourself or attracting someone right for you, it could help bring romance to you.
    But yeah… just expecting it to do something on it’s own won’t work. xD

  5. In my experience they do. Try wearing a stone without taking it off for a month or two, then take it off for a few days, and see if you feel different.
    And if you want to see which gemstone might be best for you, try this test:


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