Home Discussion Forum Does fluoride really damage (calcify) the pineal gland?

Does fluoride really damage (calcify) the pineal gland?

I keep hearing that fluoride in tap water and toothpaste calcifies or damages the pineal gland. Does anyone have research that backs this up or debunks it? Thanks

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  1. Hi Man of action!
    Well, research at the University of Surrey, England, and publications from the National Research Council in the USA show that Fluoride does indeed accumulate in the pineal more than in any other part of the body (teeth and bones).
    Research on animals has shown that the presence of Fluoride in the pineal prevents the regulation of melatonin – one of the functions of the pineal. The results of this has been shown as accelerating the onset of sexual maturity in animals.
    So, damage and damage … it’s difficult to say.
    However, Fluoride in teeth and bones, which is supposed to strengthen them, does so by making them hard and brittle as glass. This contributes to osteoporosis, which is by far worse than early puberty. Don’t you agree?
    It is time to start a campaign against the fluoridation of our drinking water and to stop buying tooth paste containing fluoride (which is not easy at all, as I found out)!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Lisa J

  2. Whether or not it damages the pineal gland, it is still poison. Europe band it from their water.. US. thinks ignorance is bliss. Did you know Hitler used Sodium Flouride to make the jews docile. Yep. and its in our water. I dont mind though, tap water TASTES GOOD!!

  3. Tom’s Toothpaste which comes from Maine has no fluoride in it.
    Well water would not have added fluoride, but you should have that water tested for other things like arsenic which is often in the water around farming areas.
    Great answers above mine!


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