Home Discussion Forum does floyd mayweather feed off of negative energy? does he need haters?

does floyd mayweather feed off of negative energy? does he need haters?

does he somehow need to be hated for motivation to train? is he the type of guy who wants you to hate him and be against him just to prove you wrong?


  1. he does normaly train hard thats why his soo good but his just not a good sportsmen because of the way he dosnt fight good oppenents i think he could not duck the mosely fight or he will just look scared. but he does have a lot but he just dosnt prove them wrong because he wont fight the pac man of hater i like him

  2. Floyd is negative energy. Just watch his interviews on Youtube, he never misses an opportunity to hate on somebody. Right now Mosley is the receiver of Floyd’s hate or in Floyd’s words, “S.h.i.t.t.y Shane Mosley” the steroid cheater.
    It’s like what Larry Merchant says about Floyd; Floyd always discredits his opponents, but always complains about not getting the credit he deserves. Well, he’s the one taking credit away from himself by discrediting everyone he fights.

  3. it’s hard anough to fight an undefeated all time great without having to deal with all the other stuff with floyd. shane and manny just don’t appear to be able to handle him on any level.

  4. He runs his mouth well and it helps with promotion. But if he gets beaten sooner or later that talk may come back to haunt him..Remember Ali’s mouth… Worked great for promotion but look were it got him. Punch Drunk.

  5. He’s negative in everyway. He berates everyone, he loves being the villain, he fights like a PU$$Y, and ducks the best in his division.
    What produces $hit? A$$holes like Flomo Jr.

  6. Yes, he feeds his family off the money haters pay to see him lose. I would say he feeds off negative energy too, or people doubting his ability. Like Jordan, and Ray Lewis great competitors look for any form of motivation, doubt is just fuel to the fire for them. Gives them something to prove. I remember in one clip Ray Lewis said every time someone steps on the field they are challenging his manhood. Kobe Bryant said something similar after his win over the Thunder yesterday too.
    “After 13 years,” Bryant would tell Yahoo! Sports on his walk to the interview room, “you’d think [bleepers] would know better by now.”


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