Home Discussion Forum Does fantasizing in the third person lead to self-consciousness?

Does fantasizing in the third person lead to self-consciousness?

Because in your fantasies you feel that other people are watching and evaluating you, instead of you focusing on external things in the first person. Is this normal or do only self-conscious people do this.


  1. Everyone fantasizes. We all feel conscious when we wear that new expensive dress, don’t we. It is a kind of signature campaign…we want to be approved. If we are looked at, then good, buying that dress was a Nice decision after all. Yet, when we don’t, we feel like stench. This is more common with girls, especially attractive girls. In fact, fantasizing is common more with people who are used to receiving a certain amount of attention all the time than those who do not and have learn to accept reality.
    Ok, is it healthy? Not at all. For one, it makes you feel and do awkward things in front of people. You probably giggle for no reason or sometimes even overlook people you know for you are too consumed in self-consciousness. It basicaly is insecurity if it exceeds the limit. It just means you have no energy and want to get it from others. Hence, the sooner we recognise this and stop, the better.

  2. i think this is how i am behaving in this enviroment
    i watch this is how people react to me in this enviroment
    i think these reactions make me feel good
    these bad
    i adjust my actions accordingly
    i would say im self-aware
    im lost at fantasizing i live in reality.

  3. some evidence clarifies if some but most,the third motive of ambition produces fantasies,it can be used to guide the conscious and subconscious


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