Does existence precede consciousness, or does consciousness precede existence?

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Existence precede consciousness…

Reagan-Jeffersonian Party

existence first, we exist as an embryo without consciousness at first.


I don’t know but I did hear that the map precedes the territory, and I didn’t understand that.

Happy Hiram

Existence is a perception. It does not have a reality outside of consciousness.

Guardian Angel Mitchell

Unknown, some people have been suggesting lately that ‘existence’ is only really probability until it is perceived by sentience.

Ambiguous One

Didn’t Rene Descartes already takle this issue?

Iamnotarobot (former believer)

Existence precedes consciousness, because when we are born, we are not self-aware. Before we are born, while we are still being formed, we exist in the womb without being conscious.


If we could answer that question without any doubts, abortion would not be an issue.


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