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Does evil exist or is it merely an illusion?

How do you feel about the term “evil”? Does it even exist, is it a result of our subconscious minds? Is evil simply the absence of good, as darkness is merely the absence of light?
Or do you believe it is a force of its own, as the balance to good…


  1. The basis for evil is dualism which is nonsense. We are all the same stuff and from the God’s eye persepctive it is good. Good and bad to us is what serves or harms us personally.
    Evil is a device used to separate folks into good and bad sheep for control purposes. It is not an illusion it is a tactic.

  2. Evil is a completely subjective term, a label we use to identify certain thoughts, actions, or events that we on a personal level do not agree with as being “just”. For the sake of example, you may deem abortion “evil” whereas I may not. This concept of evil then exists, but only as a reaction of your own mind. On a broader basis, pure illusion.

  3. Evil does not exist, though being continuously commit seemingly-evil acts.
    Once one understands why a person who is ‘evil’ does what he/she does (assuming it’s ‘evil’ things), one knows the truth (thus positivity). It’s a simple understanding of the mind, and those who don’t understand are afraid of ‘evil.’

  4. If you use the definition that evil is knowing that some act is wrong, but one does it anyway, then yes there is plenty of evil. however such a statement then turns to the question of what is right and what is wrong. such is the realm of ethics, and ethics has many well known arguments against hastily chosen ethical stances.

  5. It depends on how you define evil. So far, there’s no common definition among people. I personally define anything as being evil if it’s harmful to anyone in anyway. So I would disagree with the saying that evil is the absence of good. And according to my definition, evil does exist and it’s not an illusion. But this is only my definition, others might have different views.

  6. Evil is an illusion just as good is an illusion. They are concepts like black and white, up and down and find there based in religious institutions. What is considered good and evil is what someone has created so societies can be organize. From the point of view from nature, it would appear it is neither concerned about promoting good or evil since things can go both ways. Things will either survive and be typical or survive and have unique characteristic that allow it to prevail above its own species or nature will produce something that does not have all the characteristic of a particular species but is unique. Good and evil is all a matter of interpretation of how a society views the world they see.

  7. Evil is a subjective value judgment, what is or is not evil is a matter of personal values and social conditioning. Historically none of the people we now consider evil, like Hitler, were so considered by their own people. Had the Nazis won the history books would say that the Jews were evil and the Holocaust the saving of mankind. In the end we must all decide these things for ourselves and act accordingly.

  8. It exists NOT as some Platonic Form, but as the manifestation of human volition.
    In other words, it isn’t something you can catch. You have to want to be evil, or not know the difference, or not care.


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