Does electrical energy interfere with psychic powers?

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I have a big electrical transformer just outside my room where I am moving to next week.

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Hot Lips

it can increase psychic powers or the reverse. you have to position yourself just right. i favor being 90 degrees to the general field, but sometimes being direct inline is more powerful.
Are you eating crackers or bread?


Psychic powers work on two different levels telekinesis operates on the delta wave pattern while telepathy is on an upper band. The electrical transformer for one is a closed circuit with very little radiation and regardless the electricity won’t interfere as psychic powers rely solely on the upper spectrum.

Taylor M

i dont know why dont you look into the future and find out ……… JK :]
no but really i dont think so i know microwaves radio waves an electromagnetic energy do though but your average run of the mill transformer probably wont affect what type of abilities do yo posses ? myself in general can read peoples true feelings comunicate with the dead and am quite clairvoyant on peoples past traumatic experiences


it will if you walk over to the transformer and electrocute yourself.

John Stalvern

It depends. If the transformer is painted green, you might have a problem. The green paint “colors” the EM field produced by the generator which can have a negative impact on your brain. If, however, it is painted blue or brown, you are in the clear. Some have reported the blue or brown paint helping to manifest latent abilities.
The best way to determine this is to use a psi-wheel. Measure the behavior of the psi-wheel when you are near it, but not concentrating on anything. Then, measure the psi-wheel in your new room under the same conditions. If the psi-wheel moves counter-clockwise (or has a slower clockwise spin), your delta-wave field is being dampened. Alternatively, if the wheel moves clockwise, it is being strengthened. Of course, like hurricanes, electricity goes backwards in the southern hemisphere, so the direction of rotation will be opposite – keep that in mind if you don’t live in the northern hemisphere.


While EMF is not good for you, I have experimented in a lot of different locations and environments and have not seen a significant difference.
I am tracking solar activity / space weather / Sidereal time and comparing it to my Remote Viewing .
So far, no problems but it has been calm, no real solar storms yet during any of my test.
Sidereal time however it looks like there may be best times lasting for a few hours, but I have a small sample so far, “time” will tell.
As far as Remote Viewing goes, I have read that a Faraday cage seems to make little difference.But I haven’t tried one yet.
I remember reading that Ingo Swann had gone down in a submarine and still scored very hi. ( RV) This would indicate that EMF should not be much of a factor in RV.
If you have in the back of your mind that the EMF from that transformer will interfere , then you will have problems, so go in not expecting a problem, and all should be just fine.

Gary Y

For an accurate answer, you would have to test for that, and that would be difficult considering “psychic” powers are never been able to be demonstrated under test conditions.


No, works anywhere.


I’ve heard of psychic powers messing with electricity, but not much with the other way around.
It’s possible. In some psychic tests, a faraday cage is used. This prevents electromagnetic interference. That means that the testers believed that there might be a problem.
A makeshift version of the faraday cage is the tinfoil hat (haha). So there are some nutters out there who believe electrical energy interferes with their mind.
Don’t sweat it. Just adapt.

Nope, but it has been proven by many research projects to mess with the cells in the body.


depends on where the electricity is traveling…through your brain: yes.
through some cloud to cloud lightening?…probably not

Stan Ottum

Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for information about this topic for a long time and yours is the best I have found out so far. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?


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