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Does ego hinder us in discovering our spiritual essence?


  1. Here is something I have shared before in other questions…
    “The ego at any give time in this life is simply the part of the inner self that surfaces in physical reality; a group of characteristics that the inner self uses to solve various problems.”
    “It is this inner self, out of massive knowledge and the unlimited scope of its consciousness, that forms the physical world and provides the stimuli to keep the outer ego at the job of awareness. The inner self organizes, initiates, projects and controls the transformation of psychic energy into matter and objects.”
    “The energy of this inner self is used by it to form a material counterpart (you). You then deal with the physical reality that is made and work out your own creative role.”
    “The inner ego always identifies with its source-identity as a beloved, individualized portion of the universe. It is aware of the universal love that is its heritage. It is also aware of the infinite power and strength that composes the very fabric of its being. Through being made aware of these facts, the exterior ego can begin to feel a quicker sense of support and nourishment. The knowledge can let it relax, let go, so that it feels its life couched and safe, and knows itself to be indeed a beloved child of the universe, both ancient and young at once, with an identity far beyond the annals of time. It is of great value, then, that each person remember this universal affiliation. Such a reminder can often allow the inner self to send needed messages of strength and love through the various levels, appearing as inspiration, dreams, or simply pure bursts of feeling. The inner ego draws instant and continuous support from the universal consciousness, and the more the exterior ego keeps that fact in mind, the greater its own sense of stability, safety, and self-esteem.”

  2. no. Without ego you would be a vegetable.
    It’s like saying ‘does my leg hinder me discovering my spiritual essence”
    ego is a mechanism of your psyche that allows you to percive yourself as a coherent being and to act in the world.
    Perhaps you mean ‘egotism’ rather than ego.
    Egotism turns you into a self centred, self righteous moron oblivious to your own shortcomings because you are so busy finding faults in everything in and everyone around you.

  3. ego is the extinguisher of the flame of wisdom…when you allow your self interests to talk over “life” you allow your own down fall.
    always listen first and put aside “your” self interests, “your” perception, “your” thoughts and just listen. another’s point of view or feelings are another piece of colored glass in the kaleidoscope of truth….

  4. Sometimes ego is what is missing in spirituality. Spirituality is about finding something within yourself, not just reading out of pages in a book. It takes a bit of ego to be happy with yourself.

  5. May be…
    The spiritual Warrior is he who breaks an idol and the idol of each person is his ego.

  6. I suggest you read up on the concept of ‘ego’. You might have meant ‘id’ versus ‘super-ego’. The idea that Freud put forth was that a healthy individual’s ego would be strongest, as it is the part of the personality that makes compromises between the nedds of the self and the needs of others, which would include a higher power.

  7. The ego is very useful in helping you to function in the world, but it’s not very useful as far as deeper happiness is concerned….The ego is that which separates you from the Reality, from the Truth, from the ultimate Source.

  8. I must ‘let go of my ego’ if I truly wish to grow spiritually. God is the ‘essence’ of everything in life. There is only enough room for ‘one’ to exist, within each life. God must be front and center within, to grow spiritually in His Essence. Therefore, self (ego) must go.
    I perceive it in this way:
    We all have a spirit, a light that shines within. When we choose to live for self, this light will eventually fade. Because it has nowhere to grow, but toward ones own self.
    But, when we choose to live for God, His light is infinite! Therefore, His light within us, will shine for all the world to see.
    He is all that is positive, good and abundant with love. These things are all supplementary to the light of God that shines within. How great is this? Who in this world could/would give you all this positive energy? All He asks of us is to love and serve Him and all our brothers and sisters.
    And – He will provide “everything” for our lives, until He calls us home!
    We do not have to be concerned for anything!
    But we must trust, have faith in Him. No matter what may come before us, He will come through. This is His Promise! Amen!!!

  9. Your question perfectly goes into the heart of spirituality.
    The whole spiritual path is centered around our selfish ego.
    This ego is our inherent nature, we were born with this desire to fulfill ourselves by any means.
    So the desire is our matter we cannot push it away, or suppress it or get rid of it.
    What we need to do with the help of spirituality is to learn how to use this desire to receive, for the sake of others.
    So although initially it seems that our ego hinders us, it actually provides the fuel for our progress, we just need to know how to harness this great force.
    The optimal practical spiritual method teaches us how to ride our desire to give to others unconditionally and bond humanity into one single creature.
    I hope it helps, all the best.

  10. There is popular saying in Tamil, a South Indian language, which means ‘When we see the stone, we are unable to see the dog, but when we see the dog, we are unable to see a stone!’
    Over a period of time, the essense of this saying got lost, and the surface meaning retained popularity, and therefore, people understood it as inability to ‘find’ a stone to throw at and drive away a barking/chasing dog! The true essence was, there was some huge stone statue of a dog, so well sculptured and realistic that small kids used to get scared by its ferocious ‘real’ looking face, teeth etc. The parents or elders, found it hard to convince that it was just a stone (a sculptured statue) and not a ‘real’ dog. Thus evolved a saying, ‘when we look at it as a statue, it is stone (the dog disappears), and vice-versa.
    Our ego, when it holds the spiritual essence(as you wonderfully put it!), gets identified with the ego so much that the ego itself (the shadow of the ‘spiritual essense’ or its own creation), appears so real and true, that it gets stuck, it gets attached, refusing to perceive the inner reality. It is possible to retain both the perceptions simultaneously at will, when a person evolves spiritually. But very few choose to ‘retain’ the shadow, after that ‘enlightenment’!

  11. It is not ego that hinders, ego is always there, it is the ego that pulls the child from the flames ( no self gain ) that is desired, it is the ego of gain that is undesired. Making it strong is essence seen.


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