Home Discussion Forum Does ego develop in the spiritual path?

Does ego develop in the spiritual path?


  1. ego is developed in most paths not just spiritual, egos are great for self confidence, but in large quantities you develop the unwanted “a**-hole” status….

  2. I don’t really understand your question but ego does play a huge role in society. It is one of the major causes of strife within humanity for at least as long as there has been history. Ego is often why “evil” things are done I believe it to be the most dangerous part of the Psyche

  3. from a psychological standpoint, yes, the bigger the ego, the more irrational one is apt to be, leading to complete irrationality in the form of fundamentalists

  4. You have the perfect insight, as we cannot actually progress on the spiritual path without developing, or more precisely revealing the full extent of our ego.
    Our whole matter is our will to receive, our ego.
    We cannot get rid of it, we cannot destroy it, or suppress it, as this is our very being.
    Instead we have to learn how to use it for the right purpose, with the right intention, direction.
    So on our spiritual path we gradually delve deeper and deeper inside of ourselves, getting to know our egoistic side more and more, but at the same time we use a method, which helps us balancing the ego, turning it into the right direction using a force that is “outside of us” capable of balancing our strong desires.
    At the end of the path we are standing with the full ego on one side and with this huge balancing force on the other side, and this situation gives us all the details, all the knowledge about the whole of reality.
    If you would like to learn more about the method that can help us achieve this balance, please follow the link below:
    I hope you find it helpful, all the best.


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