Does each tailed beast in naruto have different color chakra? Or color in general?






  1. In Naruto Shippuden, the 2 tailed cat demon is shown to have blue chakra. Gaara, which had the one tailed demon, had more of a yellow chakra, and Naruto’s nine tailed demon fox has red. These are all we’ve seen so far in the series.

  2. for naruto kinda when he goes 4 tails he is fully red and other than that he is orange red
    other people with demons probably have the same color of what the demons color is

  3. I think its colour in chakra coz when naruto met jiraiya for da first time and he had askd him if he eva felt dat der was sum otha chakra in him and he says dat he noticed dat his normal chakra was blue but times he felt it was red and da 9 tailed fox is red da same goes for all da tailed beasts. Da colour of da chakra cozs its colour in general i think

  4. no it just have the one color chakra. orangey-red. oh and the there is one tailed beast in naruto. the nine tailed fox. in the episodes, the tails show one by one when naruto’s anger increase.
    usually evil chakra is orangey-red

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