Does DMT reveal the truth?






Does this hallucinatory drug DMT, and the qualities that pertain to it, show the truth of universal awareness and reality? Are there creatures out there, ones beyond our comprehension and understanding, that can reveal to us the truth to life and its process? Note that DMT is a naturally produced chemical in the pineal gland of every human being with a functional brain, and so to speak heavy doses of this chemical are pumped out of the tiny gland during the deepest cycles of R.E.M. sleep and a few moments before death. Is DMT truly the revelation chemical that in order to be enlightened about life in all of its true aspects we must submit ourselves to such a drug? Or is it some chemical that just fucks with anyone’s brain and makes us so crazy as to believe any of this?


  1. I suspect that DMT allows glimpses beyond the speed of atomic revolutions in a sort of “behind the scenes” peak preview kind of way.
    Controlled studies where they inject increasing quantities into volunteered subjects intravenously have shown that there are definitely spacial aspects to the “trips” or “journeys” that discount its effects as purely hallucinatory.

  2. I have no idea; but based on what I’ve read, I must confess it’s one of the few controlled substances I’d actually be interested in trying…something like 40% of the people who try DMT report seeing the same hallucinations, which suggests that there’s something more going on than just random synapses going off…

  3. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “the” revelation chemical, but I think it’s possibly “a” revelation chemical. I’ve heard a great deal about DMT, even from people who are hardline atheists and skeptics, that suggests that it’s potentially capable of offering some kind of spiritual experience transcendent of the the usual “altered state” psychotropic drug experience.

    • Illegality does not preclude legitimacy. What I have experienced on DMT is beyond any level of explanation that language can provide. It lasts 5 minutes and it is clear of your system immediately. I can say that it is the most profound spiritual experience I have ever had. I am now a practicing Buddhist. It provides a source of information beyond language that provides you with the wisdom that all things are one and the mind is the center of the universe. Every day is an adventure and creating your reality moment to moment is the greatest pleasure I have ever known.

  4. I hate when people say that something being illegal makes it wrong or is a legitimate excuse to condemn something. As far as legality goes, if you drive one mile over the speed limit, don’t make full stops, or J-walk, you don’t abide by the letter of the law. So if legality is you only argument against something. 99.99% of the time, you’re being a hypocrite and all together immigrant.

  5. I’ve done DMT well over 50x times, and to call it simply a drug is great injustice. There are yet words to be invented to even describe dmt. It is the most amazing spiritual experience ever imaginable. DMT so mind blowing and profound that nobody who has ever tried dmt, in his wildest dreams could ever imagine what this stuff is. I personally believe it’s a tweak peak into the after life, or a portable into another dimension. Words have yet to be invented do describe dmt. Everyone who has tried was speechless and blown away beyond comprehension. If you havent tried dmt, then i suggest hurry up and do it, because its kinda like seeing the truth of the universe

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