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does deja vu have anything connection with astral projection?

When you enter the state of astral projection, and you can see the past and future, does that mean that it is possible that when we have deja vu that we have astral projected before?

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Donie J

Deja Vu has to do with the sixth sense. The sixth sense has to do with astral projection. Everybody astral projects all the time.But most people do it unconsciously so they think its just a everyday dream. During these astral projections you can go into the future or the past,even a past life and view events.Which would lead to the deja vu feeling. But people who astral project purposely can tell the difference Between one and a dream.So they most likely know theres a chance they’ll get a deja vu feeling when they get back to there body. Just email… Read more »


No. Astral projection does not exist.


Yes that’s what I think because deja vu is actually experiencing something you haven’t before as if you have.

Ms Orion

I think deja vu has to do with the sixth sense, not astral projection.