does Daoism (Taoism) have any holy books? and if it does plz state the name and 2 quotes plz.?

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and yes i know daoism is not a religion. Taoism and Daoism are the same thing.

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One of the great teaching of Tao is, ‘Do your own school work”.


Another great teaching of Taoism is “Read what Herodotus wrote.”


The “Tao te ching” and the “Chuang tzu”


Do you mean holely book? There is no such thing as a holy book. Adding a little mud into a cup of clear water will turn it muddy. You are more likely to encounter mud and water alchemy.
Most Taoists are ignorant of things they said. They don’t just stop there but also employ metaphors, riddles, etc to humble your self esteem.
Taoist have the notion that more sufferings make you a better person. I know it is all crap. Sufferings are due to ignorance.
I know that the tongue could see. Do you believe that the tongue could see?
Don’t look for short cuts. Always get your priorites right. It is God in search of Man and not vice versa.
Learn to recognise the value of things. Never be impressed by honey pots along the way that could entrap you. The process is more important than the end results.
Respect nothing except your desire to seek the truth. Have a pleasant journey.




sam is a stuip person you asho




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my bad, let me put this question on the vatican then, and those churches who certify that 'brand' of christianity

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