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Does 'crystal healing' genuinely work?

Is there any evidence for or against the possibility that crystal healing genuinely works or does not work? Could it simply just be due to the placebo effect? Any interesting studies?
Hi, thanks for your answers. I am on neither side, merely the truth is what is important to me. I am keeping an open mind about it, but it’s difficult when something cannot be proved nor disproved. I want to believe in crystal healing as well as magnetic healing & radionics, but I will not believe in these things purely because I want to; believing in something on blind faith is foolish in my opinion.
I guess I can only continue to neither believe it nor disbelieve it… But I was hoping there would be at least be some useful studies on this matter.


  1. No, there is no evidence whatsoever.
    If you want something healing try acupuncture. I had some this morning to help me stop smoking and I feel brilliant. Totally chilled and very cheerful 😀

  2. Not a placebo effect. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, so say yes and some say no. I have tried studies on family members, friends and willing clients who did not know what types, if any, healing being sent, and 28 out of the 30 separate sessions could notice a major change when being used as opposed to not being used. It is a matter of making up your mind, if you are on a scientific side or metaphysical side and what is right for your own spiritual pathway. No one can answer the question for you, whether it works or not, as we can only give out own opinions and results of what we know and believe in. But who says one is right over the other. Stay open to all possibilities and make your own educated decision. Hope this helps!

  3. No.
    And I did study the crystal healing possibilities and works for about 6 months with different clients.
    The only crystals which do give some benefits is the Himalayan salt.


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