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does crystak healing work?

does crystal healing work? has it worked for anyone? i have crystals that i got recently. ive got a rose quart, bornite, citrine, lapis lazuili, hematite, bloodstone, tiger eye, and a orange calcite. they havent worked for me yet and i got them yesturday. do i have to charge them or something? i havent felt anything of a difference.
if your going to mock me or make fun of me please dont leave an answer


  1. New Agers believe they do, but I don’t know of any scientific evidence. I used to collect them. My favorite is double terminated quartz or herkimer diamonds.

  2. In the right hands, there are metals that can help people get healed of certain conditions.
    Of course, the metal has to be molded in the shape of scalpels and needles and the hands should be those of a doctor.


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