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Does creating a book of shadows make me more vulnerable to demonic possession or negative entity contact?

More specifically – would I be more vulnerable to these dangers during astral projection? Thank you 🙂


  1. No! You’ll probably end up lucid dreaming at first, and remember that you’re in control of your dreams. If you go into the astral world thinking something bad is going to get you, it just might. If you’re afraid, you don’t have to do it.

  2. “What the HELL are you talking about? Are we living in Harry Potter, now?”
    What an ignorant comment! You know nothing of the power of magic!!!
    This is clearly from Charmed not Harry Potter. To the asker: Don’t worry about demons, just use the power of three and you’ll be able to conquer them every time.

  3. No. That’s just basically your journal/diary. My friend Sylvi (she’s Nordisk Sed) inherited her great, great Auntie’s book that she called her “book of things we’ve seen and learned”. It has been passed down through her family for generations and the earliest bits are close to 300 years old, and are dutifully copied by each new owner. It is just like it sounds – things the womenfolk (and a few of the men) have learned and seen, including herbal remedies, fortunate planting times, spiritual musings and even just recipes for the ill or even pregnant people. It also contains lists of births, deaths and marriages for that branch of her family. Our witchy type friends called it a “book of shadows” and I suppose that’s the purpose it serves to some. However, remember that christians keep a lot of the same notes in diaries and write them in their bibles. If that’s all it takes to get you in trouble then a whole lot of christians need to just quit writing, period. (and throw out any diaries and family bibles)

  4. I don’t know…does collecting recipes of your favorite meals invite demons? Or perhaps your journals? How about stories you enjoy or records you keep about various tasks you have undertaken.
    I’d say hardly. There are no demons save the ones we create within ourselves. When we do things wrong, it’s not the Devil’s minions controling our every move, but us ourselves. We made the decision to do wrong, and thus WE are the only ones to blame. No, there are no demons going to possess you for merely compiling a book of information


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