Home Discussion Forum Does Cosmic Consciousness find itself expressed or repressed in you?

Does Cosmic Consciousness find itself expressed or repressed in you?

“According to the highest and most secret teachings of Conqueror this our material body with all functions is something divine and there is no escape from it.”
-Lama Ngok
Milarepa Story
Der : That’s very clever……care to expound on that?
“Who will go to heaven and who to hell?
Insofar as beings die with a poisoned imagination
Those who are free of the power of poison go to heaven
And those who faint away under the power of poison go to hell.
Thus ignorant people go to heaven or hell,
While the wise, totally comprehending,
Attain nirvana.
But if nirvana is taken as mere emptiness,
Like a lamp after a gust of wind,
This nihilism, like the paths of reward and retribution,
Brings enlightenment no closer.
Abandoning all such preoccupations, then,
The aspirant should devote himself to me,
And undoubtedly he will be granted power and awareness.”
Big purple frog : Perhaps you should not ponder to much but be what you are, an expression of the Divine.
Der : Thank you, I knew you had a basis for your short answer. The particle is seen by many to be the “fall” of the wave into the physical but on the other hand, it’s the arising of the wave to experience the physcial if we give the wave the female, Yin or insight quality and the particle the male, Yang or compassion quality. Of course it also works the other way to. ; )


  1. …….<**........ /////((((U))))\\ .........U......... .......MM....... Both it Breathes so to speak. EDIT: The cosmic consciousness; or more correctly our connection to it, can be thought of in the same manner as the electron. It is binary. Everything other than the All Inclusive; rests in a continous state between two possibilities at any given instant. The wave particle duality of the subatomic world seems to break down in the macro world, it is never the less still visible in the way the mind works. It is still functioning in the complex in alternating fashion. This is why we do not just seem invisible at times. Asyncronicity of the alternation between wave and particle allows motion to happen in the material world without the material world just disappearing to allow motion. We express this in science as wave particle duality. In the occult it is simply regarded as the Law of opposites. In the Budhist philosophy it is expressed as Yin and Yang. In technology it is the use of simple off and on states denoted by binarynumbers 0 and 1. Where as in Christianity we see it expressed as God and the Devil. Some such as the Egyptians of the Pharoahonic, saw the expression as either Osiris or Seth. We experience it all the time as being male or female. Sleeping or awake. In the dark or in the light. understanding or confused. The electron is either a wave or a particle. It alternates between these two states. Similiarly, to inhale or to exhale. It is like breathing. All things behave in this dual way. From the fundamental building block, all the way to the incomprehensible complex. They are in one of their two possible states at all times. The Cosmic Consciousness finds itself expressed in me, and the principal of cycles and rythums means that it will alternately find itsself repressed in me and expressed again. It can not be only one, because I am not only one. It can not be both, that is only a misleading way to think about it. It alternates. Cosmic Consciousness is both a reoccuring, and ever present possibility of a state of mind within all people. For those who do not believe in the cyclic principal, try to stop breathing, you will passout and begin breathing again without your consent being of any value. Or for those of more powerful concentration, try and shift your bodies energy state from particle to wave all at the same time. There is no way to truely initiate another to this understanding. It looks foolish to those that do not understand it, and it is not very impressive to those who see the Dual Nature of all things. It could be seen that, Kalika and Vishnu, are representative of differing states. You are only able to focus on one of them at a time. Inhale, and Exhale. EDIT; I agree with your picture, exactly 🙂

  2. Not repressed. Sometimes drowned out by mind-babble and continuous humming of elevator music … but definately, the connection is always there, tied lightly to me like a silver cord.

  3. Buddhism says that every individual is enlightened, but just not everyone is aware of that.
    Expressed-repressed is the maturing.
    Love matures within the eternity of our lifetime.
    The body is the journey of the rational we take as individuals, toward Oneness.

  4. I think the only divine thing about this body is The Christ or Spirit of God buried within it, giving it Life. When my Conscious self has to leave here
    i am going to leave it behind, However, Knowing God creates all thing out of itself then perhaps there is a Divine Reality in and through everything in Creation, we and anything ever created would have had to come from and out of this Creator that takes up all space in the universe and is Everywhere Present. I guess this is the meaning of being One with everything. Check this Site and see if it rings a bell:http://www.infiniteway.com/circleofchristhood.htm

  5. Well that’s a “Have you stopped beating your wife” category question!
    How abut the possibility that there is no Cosmic Consciousness?
    One is alone with the Void, and all other phenomena are merely internal phenomena of one’s own brain being misinterpreted.
    Listen: Ogden Nash.

  6. I am an expression of Cosmic Consciousness as we all are, I do not adhere to the words of men but dance with pleasure and passion to the music of love. Namaste

  7. Oh yes!
    Even every negative looking action of ours, is but a ‘distorted’ image of its struggle to reach out to us, and recognise itself through our awareness!
    This consciousness is patiently waiting for us to discover it within ourselves, so that its full glory permeates yet again around us.

  8. i am an expression of a cosmic consciousness repressing cosmic consciousness. my repression is an expression. i am the cosmos pondering the cosmos. i found an expression of the cosmic consciousness and it was me.
    p.s(nothingness is a myth. i think therefore i am.)
    does any of this make sense to anyone?

  9. The physical plane where we have found ourselves – is the dimension of forgetting, pain, physical struggle, an enemy known as death.
    We cannot hold the truths of the greater dimensions in a clear light for very long as this body struggles to meet its needs.
    The contrast of joys and pleasures create bonds and cast illusions.
    In this plane we are not made to hold up the clear light but to learn and build strength, so soon, in the deeper planes (after physical life) we can (not merely) ‘handle’ the clear white light, but can thrive and move within it.
    We have miraculous good works yet to do. It is going to be amazing, joyous, yes we will still be able to feel – although what we feel will make this physical plane’s trials and tribulations seem like a blink.

  10. Sir I wish to share some inputs I have got from the greatest living Spiritualist of our times, Sri Sathya
    Sai Baba.
    The radio waves that we tune to hear a programme of music etc are expressed the moment we catch the wave length.. the music carried by particular wavelengths are not repressed.. Even so, the cosmic consciousness is ever present everywhere and all that one needs to commune with it is to attune to its wave length.
    The sugarcane should welcome the cutting the hacking, the crushing the boiling etc.. so that its sugar can be extracted. man has to go through some process of refinement to attune to the divine which is all pervading all the time..
    Infatuations with the wealth and possessions of the created world make our energy earthed up, while a renunciant could pool his undiminished innate energies to access the cosmic energy by appropriate ways..
    such ones have no wants, no fears, no challenes to face but become blissful witnesses to the grand designs of the cosmic drama.. guiding the sincere seekers in the process as well..

  11. You know its funny ,Shiva is the maker of cosmic crew as into imaginary creatures though she is glad that you do all her dirty work ^_^


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