Does consciousness happen in the world or does the world happen in consciousness?






We usually assume human consciousness either arose spontaneously from matter or was created along with the world by some higher power, but what if consciousness came ‘first’ as an expression of what we call Divinity, and everything (the entire universe) is arising within that consciousness as the expression of Consciousness?
This would mean that perception and creation are the same; ongoing in the present moment, but that there are not really objective physical things being created outside of consciousness. Rather, the entire human experience is created subjectively within Consciousness as a kind of dreamscape.
There is a level at which each individual consciousness is united as one singular Consciousness. The world of experience forms within this Consciousness and is experienced from innumerable individual perspectives, each one being the experience of an individual human.
That which exists is Consciousness itself, or the Awareness in which Consciousness arises.
Well, I didn’t mean to separate out any levels of consciousness. I meant to say all individual minds originate in the one Consciousness and are inseparable from it.
However, if it seems like I’m offering more detail than necessary, it’s an attempt to be a little clear for those who may not be familiar.


  1. Well, when I’m concious I look around and there’s the world. When I’m unconcious the world looks at me and says John’s unconcious.

  2. Yes, everything is in the dream. Who is awakening? Even you said you are awakening, you still in the dream awakening.
    What is the everlasting? is the karmas carrying everlasting.

  3. Very well thought out philosophy. I enjoyed reading it very much. Tiny minds grasp tiny concepts; this might be a bit over their heads. Just quote John 3:16 and they will cheer for you =)

  4. Consciousness is nothing more than physical actions within the brain.
    Consciousness does not exist, it’s an illusion.
    You’re a pile of atoms/cells which are doing as it is programmed to do and believe that you have free will, it’s a lie.

  5. ok… but take this idea and lets rationalize the heck out of it untill we get something useful. It’s very difficult to counter the chair argument. For example if someone picks up a chair and hits you with it, it will hurt. People can even “seemingly” surprise you and hit you in the back without your knowing until it’s too late. This could be part of the trick i suppose. Anyway….
    If the world truly exists then what does this idea of subjectivism actually mean? Malcolm X was a hustler, he tried to be nice and smile and trick people into all manner of things before he was rehabilitated. This rehabilitation gives some the ability to see through the BS. To an extent of course. I think this is the subjective dreamscape, not a magical world in our mind but an interpretation of that world distorted by hopes and fears, greed, desire, passing the blame etc. Thus enlightenment/ or clarity is acheived when one can see the world as it is, but this for me becomes difficult to figure out what to believe.

  6. I honestly believe that there is no difference between the outer world and consciousness. I think that they are all part of the same thing.

  7. Yes, it is not that you are in the world…the world is in you.
    There is no other…only That…Consciousness/Awareness.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  8. Ah, the philosophical position of Idealism. An unprovable conjecture: how can one see and see themselves seeing?
    Realists maintain that our intuition tells us there is an objective physical world even before we are consciously aware of it.
    My answer to your question would be that consciousness happens both in the world and also the world happens in consciousness. But that a priori, the world must effect consciousness, else there would be nothing to be conscious of. The mind is a blank state, tabula rasa, prior to its exposure to reality.
    “what if consciousness came ‘first’ as an expression of what we call Divinity, and everything (the entire universe) is arising within that consciousness as the expression of Consciousness?”
    Sounds like solipsism. Explain to me this then: How is it that you who are conscious, (essentially you state that YOU created this universe) are not aware of creating this universe? If you maintain you are its creator, why do you not remember creating? If you did not create it then, whom or what DID? Why doesn’t this creation bend to your every whim and desire? You have the power to create this utterly astounding universe but you can’t even remember doing so? Also there is a big problem with that. If this universe doesn’t exist in your consciousness, its existence must be contingent upon the consciousness of another being wholly independant of you. In other words, if you cannot recall creating this universe, how did it begin and what now sustains it? Your so called “divine being” just forgot its own universe existed…so how can it still exist?
    I personally believe that a being with Consciousness (God), did create this universe, but not in the way that you suggest, God was never and could never be apart of this creation, according to the logic of your own argument. The Consciousness that I believe to exist, exists entirely apart from this created universe.

  9. So awareness comes from self. You are aware, you are aware that you are aware. There are 3 universes, the spiritual universe, the physical universe and your own universe. The spiritual universe is your native universe and is where life force originated. Your universe is a combination of all your experience and imagination. The physical universe is a summation of all agreement or should I say REALITY of what the physical universe should be. Consciousness is a thing that is self generated. You have preception channels into the physical universe that allows you to be aware of the physical universe and to operate in it. Cut those channels and you cease to operate in the universe although you would continue to be conscious on some level.
    Consciousness is a gradient thing that has infinite degrees in any direction, you can never kill it and can never totally awaken it as absolutes are impossible.

  10. I like your philosophy. But I do find it interesting that you have a tendency to separate out all of the levels of Consciousness, when they are all occurring simultaneously, and are all Present at any given moment. Our experiences cause us to bring to the Oneness an energy unique in vibration and frequency which harmonizes and blends with others of like energies, which in turn creates the need to harmonize further all the way into the Oneness of Us All. One Consciousness is not separate and apart from any other. They are all and all ways the One.
    EDIT: Phil — I still feel a sense of separateness. I will continue to try to re-read and eliminate that. Thanks.

  11. My brain hurts! *_* You do get the molecular structure constructing!
    “I” opt for… “The world happens in consciousness” scenario.
    In nature, there is imitation going on everywhere e.g., the “stick-like” insect (looks just like a tree limb), the camouflaged cicada…amazing creature, the leaf-like insect, etc. Stay with me on this (lol)…
    Just suppose, our ‘night dreaming’ is in imitation of the big dream scenario. You know the Russian dolls that all fit inside of one another? Sorta like that. I’m getting to my point…
    This ‘dream material’ takes form. An artist often dreams or visualizes a painting before s/he objectifies it! Another imitation of dreamscaping…all made of the same “stuff”. The ‘energy’ from this painting is spread amongst my friends, family, the art world,etc.
    We ‘spread’ the ‘dream stuff’ in conversations and actions through our music, art, books, computers,etc.
    Perhaps, all of it is for the entertainment and has no end. Much like a TV, sitting in front of a mirror, flipping through channels, endlessly, never tiring of it’s own reflection.
    Effect creates a cause! We cause or own creation. Yikes!
    (This makes no sense she mumbles to herself)

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