• No, I don’t think so. According to the Big Bang we’re just some cosmic randomness. The universe does not evolve because we exist, in fact we exist because of the creation of our universe. It does not need our ‘wakefulness’ to expand and thrive.

  • Certainly not this little corner of the universe called “Yahoo! Answers.” I don’t know what the driving force is behind this place. In the rest of the universe, consciousness is the greatest mystery there is to me personally. The fact that it arises from simple matter, which utterly baffles me, suggests that is in fact the motivating force behind everything. Does it suggest the existence of God? I don’t know and I don’t think that anyone can really say.

  • ok get down off your high horse. the universe would still spin even if we all died right now. think about it. we are one of the millions of species that have lived on earth, on one of the 8 or 9 planets orbiting one of the billions of stars in one of the infinite number of galaxies in this universe that we know of. you being awake does not make the universe spin

  • There is a very good possibility that it does. The current standard philosophical consensus for the underlying meaning of quantum mechanics is called the Copenhagen interpretation, although there are several other interpretations, such as the multiple dimension hypothesis.

    One thing that seems to be a theme in all of the interpretations of quantum mechanics is that a consciousness is necessary to look at a system and convert it from a superposition of all states to one measured state (called wave function collapse).

    When you look at the very core of the universe and strip away all the scientific and philosophical abstractions humans have created over the years such as matter, energy, wave functions, etc. there really is only one thing that it is composed of: information – which is really the language of consciousness. This is the most basic abstraction of the universe. The existence of a universe composed of information also strongly implies (although it doesn’t confirm) that something or someone consciously created that information.

  • If so, then consciousness is making too many illegal left hand turns. And quit stepping on the gas, darn ya!

    Actually, as a pantheist, I do impart a collectiveness to the universe that we might call will or consciousness, but both terms are so weak and anthropomorphic compared to what the totality of all existence (added together with non-existence) must be. While I believe the total is greater that just the sum of its parts, ascribing it self-awareness, even, seems inadequate.

  • Considering the fact that the universe was in existence long before consciousness arose, I’m going to have say no.

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