Home Discussion Forum Does consciousness cease for eternity after death?

Does consciousness cease for eternity after death?

The First Law of Thermodynamics is, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. Given the infinite timeline of eternity isn’t it certain our consciousness will regain.


  1. I would presume so – how can you be concious with nothing in your body working
    Not really a nice thought, but unless your religious, it’s kind of the grim reality you have to face

  2. How would you know that something ceased for eternity unless you went through eternity to observe it? Which you do.
    The physical world is temporal, containing time. Why would you think its laws pertain to eternity?

  3. Based on the title of your source, the meaning behind all energy neither can be created or destroyed is that energy just goes into different states or forms, so all the foods and nutrition that you and your mother have provided you with during your time, is the really the energy whom transformed into you. When “you” die your body goes into other forms of energy. There for you will always be. Though exists in other forms. Such as ash etc. When it comes to your conscious I think that it’s part of something greater than human. – Meaning human is not yet ready or capable of understanding it, yet.

  4. your conciousness if you will is mainly electrical impulses in your brain and since humans have more electricity if you will firing off in their brains the greater the impression your existence will have and yes in some form you will always retain conciousness although over time i imagine it will become more and more weak or maybe even stronger that i cannot say but with confidence i can say you will always have a state of conciousness…so long as the universe exists well i could get into the whole degenerate era thing but thats out of bounds for this question.

  5. My answer is no; it does not cease for eternity. We must consider that there are two (dual) forms of energy at work in us–physical and spiritual. Our physical form and energy dies away when we do, but melds into the spiritual, which endures.
    This is why we have perfectly normal people who recall past lives and affinity for things long gone or in places far away. There is some piece of their spiritual existence that recalls those influences. We call much of our prior experience to light in our current lives more often than we realize we do. What do you suppose makes us the way we are? If we were “made fresh” every time, we would all be hard-wired and need extensive training just to get by in life instead of having various levels of maturity and abilities.
    The only thing most of us do not have a grasp on in this life is being able to exactly determine just when our soul or consciousness will re-appear. There are some spiritualists who feel they can predict, but given the time it takes for us to get our spiritual act together, most of us cannot connect the dots, if you know what I mean.

  6. Consciousness never ceases because that is our soul, what we’ve had for millions maybe billions of years traveling into the unknown universe. So now we’re here, but there is plenty that is in our subconscious that is hidden for psychological reasons. The map of our brain has many conclusions about this, most of it is unknown- like the spiritual aspect with dreams, and psychic connections, and time travel when we get to talk to someone that died etc. The reason we have a body, I guess, is to live and let go. There’s many good aspects of having a body. If you wonder- the soul is happier in the spirit realm, why are we physically here?
    I think it is to understand pleasure and pain, and how each affects right or wrong. God wants to know if our soul is the weakest in all 7sins, challenging to resist- Greed, sloth, lust, anger, envy, glutony, pride. Those things can steer most people negatively in high doses. Though in this world, we are built in this fashion, like a hell but with sunshine and flowers, birds, etc. Though God isn’t bad, though our consciousness can teach ourselves a lot, it was made to I think.

  7. I believe death is the butterfly stage of life, making the physical body the caterpillar stage. Scientists have scientifically proven that there is an energy radiating from the human body. Most would call this our spirit. I have been told this is where our consciousness resides. I believe that after the physical death this spiritual energy or consciousness moves into another set of dimensions. We currently live in (at the least) four dimensions, X,Y,Z and time. Some scientists have formulated of at least 13 different dimensions. God only knows which dimensions the human spirit shall dwell after the physical death. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

  8. It was here before you came, why would it leave when you go? The rest of us are still using it for a start. Sadly you are not the only point at which it focuses.

  9. You mean reassemble statistically. possible. but you’re thinking about the neural process. possibility also exists that an entity becomes self-aware at the level of fields (which is the energy component rather than the matter constituent.)


  11. Consciousness or energy can never die or cease even when one dies, it does not remain the same for 2 consecutive moment and constantly changing from moment to moment. It is just like the light of a lamp without which there will be no ‘life’. Buddhism explains very clearly regarding types of consciousness, and it is quite difficult for one to thoroughly apprehend it unless one ‘experiences’ it through meditation. Consult a meditation master and perhaps he or she can give you the best answer.

  12. Several years ago I had an unusual experience concerning an uncle, a distant relative who lived over a thousand miles away.
    While driving my car I suddenly felt the unmistakable presence of this relative that I hardly even knew. He was more like someone I had heard about than someone I knew. It was very strange; it felt as though I was momentarily lifted right out of my physical body. I seemed to be suspended somehow beyond space and time, bathed in a love so intense It felt like I could have just disappear into it at any moment if It would have let me. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed to last forever at the same time. I realize how crazy this must sound. The experience was so strong that at first I was afraid I was loosing my grip on reality. I finally managed to chalk it up to an over active imagination.
    Three days later I got a call from my aunt telling me that this uncle we are talking about had gone into a coma and died the day I had the experience. It felt like ice water had been poured down my back when she told me this. I had lost any real ideas of God or faith and had become somewhat of an atheist. Needless to say this experience caused me to rethink some of the conclusions I had come to.
    I feel blessed to now understand that even in our darkest confusion something loves us so much that it went out of its way to assist me and bring me back to a state of absolute certainty about Gods love for us.
    During the experience it seemed like there was a vast amount of information that I was somehow allowed access to. One thing that I came away from this experience understanding beyond any shadow of a doubt was that any Idea that God is unhappy with us or would judge or allow us to be punished for any reason is simply impossible.
    I can’t explain the love I felt with words. They simply don’t make words big enough or complete enough to do this. The only way I can begin to convey this love to you is to say that there was simply nothing else there. Nothing but love. No hint of judgment, no displeasure of any sort. It is as though God sees us as being as perfect as we were the day we were created. It is only in our confused idea of ourselves that we seem to have changed.
    I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck. Love and blessings.
    Your brother don

  13. Obviously, it’s impossible to prove, but even if you were conscious you would be unable to think. Thinking is just electric and chemical impulses in the brain, and after death the brain shuts down and eventually decomposes.
    Since I would think consciousness is to do with the brain, i would assume death will rid you of that, too.

  14. I don’t think our consciousness/spirit/ghost/soul have anything to do with thermodynamics. Who knows, it could, though…
    When thinking about questions like this, you first have to consider a few things.
    Do you consider the consciousness to be separate from the body?
    Can the consciousness be separated from the body? (Hint: ld4all.com. It’s known as astral projection.)
    Would the consciousness cease functioning when the body does?
    If the body starts to have problems and begins to shut down, would the consciousness (something that may or may not be separated from the body without damage) have a need to shut down also?
    Why would the consciousness shut down when the body does if it is completely different/separate from the body?
    Why would the the consciousness NOT shut down if it is not completely separate from the body?
    So really, it all boils down to what the nature of our consciousness’ are made of.
    My belief is that the spirit is eternal and cannot die. When my body dies, my consciousness (me) will continue living for all of forever. πŸ™‚

  15. Assuming eternity does exist, you must refer to the second law of thermodynamics, the law of increasing entropy. If consciousness is in fact a form of energy, then our bodies are the capsule in which this energy is contained. It must be perfectly contained in equilibrium, otherwise our consciousness would radiate into the surrounding environment, unless we already exist in conscious equilibrium with our surroundings. If this is the case, then our consciousness wouldn’t even disperse after death, but continue existing in its current state. If we are not in conscious equilibrium with our surroundings at the point of our death, then our consciousness will disperse, attempting to fill the outer void, or the surrounding energy will attempt to replace the void left by our death, it’s a matter of saturation. In either case, our consciousness will continue to exist. However, having no body, this consciousness would not be perceived. If this energy is of high enough value, there is no reason that at least a portion of this energy could not be trapped during the formation of another capsule, and, depending on saturation, be experienced again as it was before.


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